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  • You’ll Never Believe Who These Fresh, Young Faces Grew Up To Be.

    Do you have good yearbook photos? Probably not, we were all plagued by being awkward when we were teens. Thankfully, so were celebrities. These famous people started out as normal (and awkward) as you or me. They had weird hair, fluffy hair and didn’t know what fashion was just yet. Feel better about all of […]

  • Experimenting With Fun Japanese Gadgets

    The craziest stuff in life is from Japan, everybody knows that. So naturally, there’s a lot of fun to be had when you start experimenting with what Japan has to offer! Advertisement Read more:

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    How To Wash A Goddamn Dish

    CollegeHumor presents a video you can perfectly pass on to your flatmate who always ensures not to get into the whol dishwashing thing… “Don’t worry–washing one dish is so easy there is literally no reason not to do it, you entitled piece of sh*t.” via: likecool Read more:

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    WIRED Magazine Interactive Print Ad For Moto X

    Well this viral video is… strange. Motorola will have a very special and innovate print ad in WIRED magazine next month. To promote how users can customize and personalize the body of their Moto X phone, they made an interactive physical paper ad where readers can change the color of the picture.  Now, this video promoting […]

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    Black Simon And Garfunkel Sing Katy Perry’s “Roar”

    One of Jimmy Fallon’s favorite gags on his Late Night program is to ask his house band, The Roots, to cover pop songs as Black Simon And Garfunkel. This time, Quest Love and Kirk Douglas covered Katy Perry’s newest single, Roar, in a one of kind way that would have the real Simon And Garfunkel smiling.    Read more: […]

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