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  • Ducklings Watch Yo-yo

    Who knew that ducklings were such yo-yo fans. A kid visiting a  pet store plays with his yo-yo in front of the ducklings cage. The cute little birds can’t help but watch the yo-yo, even if it makes their necks snap.   Read more:

  • Dogs React To Human Barking

    Are dogs communicating when they bark to each other? Perhaps. Magician Jose Ahonen and comedian Rudi Rok decided to perform a test. Rudi literally barked at a bunch of different dogs to see what how the pups would react. Maybe Rudi is saying something not nice in ‘dog,’ because many of the pups don’t seem to like the way […]

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    Personal Trainer Reveals The Truth Behind Transformation Photos

    You have definitely seen a lot of stunning body transformation pictures in the advertisements, or already tried following some diets, but most likely the results weren’t what you had expected. However, it’s actually easier than you think. A certified personal trainer Andrew Dixon decided to show the truth behind transformation photos and grew some muscles […]

  • Indian Army soldier laid to rest

    The body of the Indian Army soldier Sagar (24) of 9RR regiment was laid to rest in the presence of thousands of people, who had made a beeline to Sankeshwar town in Hukkeri taluk to pay their last re Read more:

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  • Zakir Naik ‘involved’ in unlawful activities: Mumbai Police report – Times of India

    Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has been "indicted" by Mumbai Police which found him to be allegedly involved in unlawful activities with possible terror links, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said on Tuesday. Read more:

  • Worf Is Denied Compilation

    Worf is one of the most famous faces from Stark Trek: The Next Generation, but if you pay close attention you’ll realize a consistent theme. Worf is constantly being belittled, rebuked, made fun of, or just told, ‘no,’ on a regular basis. Only a true Klingon could keep their cool for that many years of […]

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