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  • How To Text A Girl

    It’s no secret that most long distance flirting and chit-chatting has shifted from the traditional phone to texting.  But most guys have no idea what they are doing on the keyboard. Texting isn’t easy. It’s an art form. Thankfully, popular comedian and animator sWooZie explains for all the romantically challenged guys how to properly text a girl […]

  • Razy Gogonea Matrix Dance On Britain’s Got Talent

    Razy Gogonea runs onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage with confidence. He performs a break dancing, body popping dance with a Matrix feel. He pulls off slow motion moves  and twirls from the movie, but in real life. He wears cool all black leather and plays music all inspired from The Matrix. The crowd love […]

  • This Goat Hops Around A Kitchen With Such Joy, It’ll Make You Giggle

    If you’ve ever seen a video of an adorable goat kid, you’ve probably seen it jumping…right? It’s just in their nature! That’s what they do. They hop around merrily and they look like they’re having a blast while doing it. Well, after seeing this video, I’m realizing that their super-cute jumping may be more nurture […]

  • Meet Ichabod, The Most Optimistic Canine That Will Instantly Make You Smile

    Ichabod might just be the most optimistic dog on the internet. He’s the creation of a US digital artist who goes by the name of Ayla StarDragon, and as you can see from this selection of our favorite illustrations, it seems that nothing can kill his positive spirit. Whether he’s turning a tumble into a […]

  • His Cat Makes Him Do This Adorable Thing Every Time He Leaves The House

    Some people think cats don’t really care about their human companions. After all, they can sometimes seem aloof or bored with us and they’re only affectionate on their terms. Just like us, though, cats have different personalities, and some are way more loving than others. Ville, a cat from Sandviken, Sweden, has been dubbed “The […]

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  • This Man Wanted To Do Some Pushups, But His Dog Had Other Plans

    googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); The 22 pushup challenge was started to raise awareness about a specific danger our veterans face daily. On average, every day, 22 veterans die from suicide. In an effort to get the word out, the challenge was started with the hopes of getting more research and funding to support mental health […]

  • Convos With My 2-Year-Old: Make The Bed

    Adorable father-daughter YouTube series Convos With My 2 Year Old, in which dad reenacts past conversations with a grown man in his daughter’s place, is back with the second episode of season two.  This time, dad tries to help ‘daughter’ Coco make the bed. Naturally, it doesn’t proceed well as Coco has other plans for the blanket.  “This is […]

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