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  • Italians Make First Glass Snowboard

    Every Third Thursday is a series by Network A focused on exotic snowboards. For their newest episode, they traveled to Italy to create their most fragile and delicate snowboard yet. A glass snowboard. After nearly a week of hard work, they test the new board out at the Abetone ski resort in Tuscany.  Now, the new video has already garnered […]

  • Yes, This Is A Ship. But When You Look Closer, You’re In For A Shock Because WOW.

    Armed with only box cutters, hot glue, a hand full of able bodied volunteers and enough cardboard to make Amazon jealous one man managed to sculpture this breathtaking sculpture of a full-sized ghost ship. Explaining where he gets all the cardboard for his sculptures he says: “Cardboard is everywhere. Over the years I’ve developed a system called […]

  • Relief Printing Art

    Click to unmute Source: YouTube Aftyn Shah is a self-taught artist who’s entire process of producing images requires a personal touch. Shah’s block printing technique involves drawing on the material, carving it, covering the piece with paint and pressing it onto paper. The artist draws inspiration from exploring local parks with her son and husband, […]

  • Michael The Christmas-Hating Dog Went To Great Lengths To Let Mom Know How He Felt

    People have some pretty strong feelings about when the Christmas season starts. For me, I’m pretty much decking the halls the second the stroke hits midnight on Halloween, but lots of people think we should wait until after Thanksgiving. Apparently our pets have the same sorts of opinions on Christmas decorations. At least, Michael the […]

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  • The World Is Slowly Running Out Of Sand

    This is kind of mindblown. Over 300,000 people have seen this informative video by Tom Scott explaining to us, why we might have a lack of sand some day… “I never thought of sand as a non-renewable resource, but there’s only a limited supply: and to make things worse, it keeps getting washed into the […]

  • Deadly African Lake Turns Birds Into Salt Statues

    The grim reaper is a humanoid representation of death that is familiar to almost everyone. Photographer Nick Brandt, however, has captured a mesmerizing series of images at Lake Natron in Africa showing us what the grim reaper‘s animal equivalents might look like. [Read more…] Lake Natron is a salt lake in Tanzania. It it an […]

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