28 Inventions That Make The World A Much Better Place

People are constantly trying to make life easier. After all, new inventions are often what push society forward, am I right?

But some of these amazing inventions and designs have flown under the radar. Whether they appeal to niche markets or the press just hasn’t given them the praise that they deserve, not many people know about these awesome creations. If you want to learn more, check out this list!

1. A brilliant way to hold your iPhone charger.

2. A bar that has a strip of ice on the rail to keep drinks cold.

3. Beer for you to drink at the grocery store.

4. A bag designed to make it seem like you’re working out.

5. A bag that adds some humor to your day.

6. A clever way to advertise products.

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7. An idea that most women probably won’t understand, but all dudes will.

8. A device to help you hold multiple bags.

9. A climbing wall that goes right into the pool.

10. A car stereo that mutes itself until you buckle up.

11. An awesome way to let your waiter know if you need service.

12. Hollow handles that let you carry multiple cups at one time.

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13. Bathroom doors that won’t let people peek.

14. A basket of free fruit for kids as they wander through the grocery store.

15. An ATM that lets you choose the bills you want.

16. A traffic light that counts down your wait time.

17. This awesome pool shaped like a violin.

18. Old CD cases used as sandwich carriers.

19. A business card to give to pretty people.

20. A tie that functions as a cleaning device for your phone screen.

21. This unbreakable glass.

22. Heated sidewalks to get rid of snow and ice.

23. An awesome snowball maker.

24. A toothbrush with more than one purpose.

25. Pen caps that double as utensils.

26. A baby mop.

27. The answer to this classic Pringles problem.

28. A cup that holds your drink and your nuggets.

(via BuzzFeed)

I need to get these inventions, like, now! Some of them are so useful. How did we not know about them until now?

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