No Matter How Much I Look At This, I Still Can’t Believe It’s Just Paper. This Guy Is A Genius.

If you are anything like me you can never fold a piece of paper quite good enough to make an acceptable paperplane. But that’s one thing that German artist Simon Schubert definitely doesn’t struggle with. Simon’s unique talent is to take ordinary white sheets of paper and create intricate images of stately homes and palaces simply by folding the paper.

All these paper works are made of plain paper. The papers are entirely folded and no drawing is involved.

The three dimensionality of each work is the result of a special technique that Simon uses.

The lines, angles and (incredibly) even circles are raised several millimetres as the result of positive and negative folding.

Those creases change in the interplay of shadow and light and move between two and three dimensionality depending on how you hold the paper.

When the lighting is right, the paper really comes to life with depth and contrast.

Although Simon mostly focuses on architecture he has made some portraits too.

Here are some more examples from his architecture series:

It’s absolutely hypnotizing and the more I look at those pictures the more my amazement increases. To see more artwork by Schubert, visit his official website here. Share this with your friends to blow their minds.

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