These Old American Flags Will Make You Wish We Never Picked Up Wisconsin.

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When you think about it, this great nation is still very young. While China boasts thousands of years of existence, the United States is still only 238 years old. To put things in perspective, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for almost 13% of this country’s existence.

The 50 star American flag as we know it has only been around for about 23% of the time since the U.S was founded. More than any other country, our flag’s evolution accurately represents our evolution as a society, one that has changed surprisingly rapidly despite it being so young. Here is the evolution of our American flag.

13 Stars (1775-1795) The original flag was classically sewn by Betsy Ross, but some historians think that assertion might be false. What a weird conspiracy theory though, right?

15 stars (1795-1818)

20 stars (1818-1819) This rad Great Star pattern flag flew over the capitol for at least six months.

21 stars (1819-1820)

23 stars (1820-1822)

24 stars (1822-1836)

25 stars (1836-1837)

26 stars (1837-1845) This rare flag was carried by John C. Fremont, this country’s first presidential candidate. It features an eagle spreading his golden wings and embracing the stars.

27 stars (1845-1846)

28 stars (1846-1847)

29 stars (1847-1848) This 29 star flag featured a neat diamond pattern. If you like this design, you can still get it in stamp form to this day so you can ba-jazz up your tax submissions.

30 stars (1848-1851)

31 stars (1851-1858) This version of the Great Star design was used during Lincoln’s funeral. Since then it is used exclusively to mourn assassinated presidents, including JFK.

32 stars (1858-1859)

33 stars (1859-1861) Great Star flags were popular during this time. This one was flown on the eve of the Civil War.

34 stars (1861-1863) Another popular design during the Civil War was this one, which featured two rings, a star in the middle and one in each corner, almost like a solar system, but – like – for America, man.

35 stars (1863-1867)

36 stars (1865-1867) The “Wagon Wheel” design was popular with the navy, which is weird because boats don’t have wagons or wheels, but you gotta admire their eye for aesthetics.

37 stars (1867-1877) This design is totally awesometown because Betsy Ross’s original circle of 13 is the inner ring, with the states that have joined the union since then surrounding them in a circle of their own.

38 stars (1877-1890) Ya’ll know I’m partial to them corner stars.

43 stars (1890-1891)

44 stars (1891-1896)

45 stars (1896-1908)

46 stars (1908-1912)

48 stars (1912-1959)

49 stars (1959-1960)

50 stars (1960-present) Woo baby that’s a good looking flag! Americaaaa!!! *fireworks* *hot dogs* *Bruce Springsteen*

I doubt the Michael Bay Teenage Mutant Turtles will be as beloved and long lasting as our 50 star American flag, but we shall see. Give this a share on Facebook if you love America like those turtles love pizza!

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