This Photographer’s Self Portraits Poke Fun At The Sanctity Of The Selfie.

Photographer Sandra Dans has set out to re-define the selfie. She is bringing this previously-self-absorbed photo style into a whole new light. It’s awesome.

In her ongoing masters thesis project titled “I AM,” the Philippines native takes a closer look at the sanctity represented by each of us in society’s growing focus on self-representation with her delightfully tongue-and-cheek spiritual imagery. She clarifies the theme choice in the introduction for her web portfolio, “Sanctity is what sets us apart…If the subjects of a generation’s images are any indication of what they deify, it would appear that The Self is now God.” 

Speaking with Dans further about the series, she explains, “It’s about these fictions that people use to represent themselves online. People like to make themselves come off as untouchably perfect.” She cites common social media practices like someone untagging all the photos where they think they look fat. “It’s like we try so hard to be careful, but these imperfections that are so visible to other people are still able to creep through.” Take a look.

Dans conclusion: “I think vanity is futile.” The generations that focus way too much on selfies need to see her photos. Maybe they’ll realize their priorities are out of order. Check out more amazing photos on her website and stay tuned for more as she continues this thought provoking series.

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