This Guy Is Seriously Angry After Someone Snuck Up And Locked A Padlock To His Ear

On my list of the worst things that could ever happen to me, having a tunnel in my ear is pretty high. Above that, would be having a tunnel in my ear and having a stranger put a padlock on it and throw away the key.

This guy is claiming a strangersneaked up and put a padlock through his ear before clicking it into place and making a run for it.

We don’t want to question his hearing, or spatial awareness, butTom Grim Fandango Matthews claimshe only realisedthe device was in his flesh tunnelafter hearing theclick of the padlock.

With the picture, he posted this lovely caption on to Facebook:So guess what some little w*** stain just did to me if I find you I will put you 6 feet under end of rant c*** [sic]


His friends took it as an opportunity to make fun of him, obviously.

Get yourself to the diy shop and give em a fiver to cut it off,someone wrote.

Another added: I can pick locks, 10 an hour tho!.

How kind!

Mr Matthews doesnt know who the perpetrator is, but seemed to be taking it in good spirits despite his initial swear word-y burst of outrage.

He did eventuallymanage to get the padlock off with bolt cutters,thank heavens for that!

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