There’s A $3.25 Million Dollar Villa Modeled After The Flintstones’ House. And Yes, It’s Awesome.

If you like the classic cartoon, The Flintstones, then you’re going to love this real-life (expensive) homage to the show. The completely custom-built villa weighs in at $3.25 million dollars. Even the furniture inside is custom made. The villa sits on the beaches of Malibu, California, with it’s own private beach. Unfortunately, the expensive and unique villa won’t come with mini dinosaurs and mammoths that will do your bidding. But hey, for being inspired by people that used dinosaurs as appliances, this place ain’t bad.

In the middle of sunny Malibu, California, sits a house that every kid would love to live in.

It costs over $3 million, but if you lived there you’d have a gay ole time.

It was modeled after the house from the Flintstones, after all.

The first owner of the house was the television host, Dick Clark.

Since then, it has been listed for sale at $3.25 million.

This villa was custom-built, all the way down to the rock-like furniture.

It’s a little disappointing that there aren’t prehistoric creatures inside.

How can you vacuum a Flintstones house without a tiny mammoth?

And sadly, the kitchen area lacks a certain redheaded wife as well.

But there sure are spectacular views overlooking the ocean.

As one would be able to guess, the house has a lot of natural materials being used, like fur.

Who knew a house made out of stone could be so comfy?

Even the windows look like the classic stone house windows, misshapen as if they were carved out of rock.

The master bathroom is one of the most spectacular parts of the house, with stone literally covering every surface.

It may look like it’s for kids, but you know you could have one heck of a party in this house.

It would be a yabba dabba doo time.

Unfortunately, most people wouldn’t have the cash to throw around on a novelty villa, but one can dream, right? If they tossed in an apatosaurus slide into a pool, I would try to come up with the cash. Share this awesome house by clicking below!

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