Woman Sues Disney’s Frozen For Allegedly Stealing Her Life Story



Those of you that though Disney’s Frozen was about an ice princess and a talking snowman are wrong, so very wrong. It’s actually one woman’s true-life story — or so she’s claiming in a new $250 MILLION lawsuit. If you’re going to aim, then you may as well aim high…

Isabella Tanikumi claims the film is based on her autobiography, an account of how she grew up in Peru… (and no, we’re not seeing any similarities either). She is claiming Disney copied her story and turned it into  the highest grossing animated picture OF ALL TIME.

On that note, we’re pretty sure Lionel Richie wrote a song about us and we haven’t seen a penny from those wretched big wigs in pinstriped suits.

Amazon describe the book as taking the reader on a journey through “the ruins of earthquake-ravaged Huaraz, Peru to the shores of the land of opportunity, America, Isabella Tanikumi’s poignant account embodies the real-life drama of a young girl’s struggle to create her destiny”.

Our advice, let it go…

Original Source: TMZ

Read more: http://www.hellou.co.uk/2014/09/frozen-lawsuit-20138/