Five People Who Took Trolling To The Next Level

Trolling, or“deliberately, cleverly, and secretly p**sing people off”, has become quite the art form.

Yes, it can be done with poor intentions, and yes, it can be annoying. But here are five (relatively well-intentioned) trolls – some on the internet, some trolling in real life – who did one hell of a good job…

1. Pablo Escobar

While the FBI and Interpol were looking for him, Escobar took his son to see the White House… (Honourable mention also has to go to political activist Abbie Hoffman – who took a tour of the FBI headquarters while he was wanted by the FBI).

2. Operation ‘Troll The NSA’

Followingallegations that America’s National Security Agency (NSA) was reading people’s messages oninternet services(such as Facebook and Gmail) and listening in on their phone calls, people were pretty annoyed. They decided to troll the NSA, getting thousands of people to emailorcall each other usinga “script” containing exactly the kind of “terrorist buzzwords” that the government would be looking for.

The message was pretty innocuous, but contained phrasessuch as“strike at any second”, “death to millions of Americans” and “the most famous suspension bridges in the United States” – all which would raise alarm bells with the NSA…

3. Mark Gubin

An artist and photographer living in the flight path to the Milwaukee airport, Mark Gubin painted “Welcome to Cleveland” in huge letters on his roof. This has reportedly caused confusion for decades, with passengers panicking that they’d somehow ended up in the wrong place.

(FYI: Cleveland is 434 miles away from Milwaukee, and in a completely different state).

4. David Thorpe

Back in 2012, Walmart ran a promotion, in which the storewith the most ‘likes’ on Facebook would get a visit from Pitbull. David Thorpestarted a Twitter campaign to #exilepitbull, to Kodiak Island – one of the more remote parts of Alaska.

The campaign really took off, and – sure enough – Kodiak won the competition. A small town of 6,100 people got more than 70,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, and true to his word, Pitbull paid a visit (taking David Thorpe with him).

5. Ken M

Ken M is an internet troll that pops up in the comments section of mainly Yahoo Answers, but also occasionally on Facebook or The Huffington Post. He’s pretty skilled at making people furious; you can check out some of his greatest hits here:









Image Credits: GQ, Rubbing Alcoholic,The FW, Bakugan

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