It Seems Like A Random Guy Just Walking Around Aimlessly. But When See Him From Above… WHOA!

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada is a Cuban-American contemporary artist. When you see his works, I guarantee you that you won’t know what to think, no matter what type of art you typically connect wth. You’ll be so confused… that is, until you zoom out. Then, it just gets crazy.

Jorge specializes in making large-scale works out of art.

And they only begin to take shape…

When you’re REALLY zoomed out.

Time and again, Jorge has spent hours creating masterpieces.

Even though, if you’re just standing next to them, you’ll won’t know what you’re seeing.

It takes a unique perspective (literally) to understand his art.

His large-scale, anonymous portrait art changed the street art scene.

And he is constantly innovating.

It’s incredible he can make art on such a large scale, using such natural items.

To see more of his work, visit Jorge’s online portfolio or Facebook page. His works are absolutely unreal. Source: Reddit Share his unique art with others by clicking below.

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