Tag someone who’d fall for this

Tag someone who’d fall for this 😂



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  1. I did that to my aunt that raised me I told her open your mouth close your eyes and I will give you a big surprise. I was 8 I’m lucky I’m living today. Lol

  2. If she just so randomly happens to be allergic or inhales that not only could she die but it’s also assault with a biological weapon. Same as if you threw a diaper at someone oddly enough, you could spend years and years in prison.

  3. Totally stupid.most of you that find it funny try to be downwind from a smoking fire.breathing almost impossible,lungs get full of mucus,almost impossible to sleep.that is what an asthma attuck is about.

  4. Prank??? Did I miss it??? It’s not a prank when someone can be seriously harmed! As an asthmatic, I did NOT find this funny nor entertaining.

  5. Holy fuck boys I’ve had asthma my entire life and almost died 6 or 7 times before I was 4years old. Lighten the fuck up. I’m laughing my ass.

  6. Why would an absolute idiotic person be such a dick and do that to someone. The person who did that needs their head examined. Or easier put them into a Mental institution.

  7. I can’t believe the guy lived to post this. I would have, uh, neutralized (?) him!

    P.S., Pamela Collins is right, the seeds could be sucked into the lungs (aspiration) become infected, develop into pneumonia, and can result in death. Super cruel, dangerous stunt.

  8. This is not funny, and if you think it is, there is something seriously wrong with you. How nice that you post this so that kids can see it and do it to each other….another form of bullying. I can just see a bunch of little assholes doing this to a disabled child and thinking it’s hilarious. Going to stop following your posts.

  9. Here’s the thing about posts like this to all those calling people “snowflakes” (gawd I hate that fucking overused word) and all the other derogatory responses. If one person who reads this has an “oh wow I didn’t realize that could happen” moment it’s worth it. Fuck you for thinking you’re better because you find it funny.

  10. yes that’s a great prank shove it in as she’s taking a deep breath..and she inhales the seeds into her lungs that could have disastrous consequences …HOW THE FUCK IS IT FUNNY YOU DUMB @UNT’S..

  11. I burn those dandelion things, throw it on the ground and stomp on them because thats usually what happens to wishes and dreams. And also they catch on fire really fast it it looks cool