How Getting Stabbed 32 Times By Her Ex Led To Something Unexpected… Yet Beautiful.

Domestic violence is a plague that terrorizes our country. Sometimes it’s so bad, people are brutally murdered in their own homes. This woman was stabbed in the face more than 30 times… but she found a way to fight back, live and find love. Her story will leave you dumbfounded.

Melissa Dohme was attacked by her ex-boyfriend Robert Lee Burton Jr’ in January 2012. She and her new boyfriend were ready to face him the morning of the court appearance.

Melissa endured unbelievable pain during the incident and while she recovered.

“I wasn’t able to walk away with ten or twenty stabs. Only after thirty-two stab wounds and Robert Burton thought I was dead did he walk away”

At court, Robert pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder and was sentenced.

It was a miracle Melissa survived the attacked. When her ex-boyfriend finally walked away, she crawled to a mailbox to prevent him from running her over. She was moments away from dying.

Miraculously, she pulled through. Not only that, but Cameron Hill, one of the paramedics on the scene, fell in love with her. Now, he is her support system through these tough times.

Cameron instantly connected with Melissa, even though he couldn’t see her face or hair. He just knew. Now, Melissa is hoping to be a social worker and victim advocate for those who suffer at the hands of domestic abuse.

Not only is Melissa moving on, but she is offering her ex something amazing.

“I offer forgiveness and I forgive him,” she said on Monday after the sentencing. “Forgiveness is a sign of letting go and when you forgive someone that hurts you, you take away their power.

“I’m very thankful that he will forever be in prison. Everything he did to me I believe that it could only be a life sentence.”

She wasn’t a victim of domestic violence. She was a survivor of it.


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