My Heart Exploded When I Saw What Happened To This Baby Elephant. Oh. My. Goodness.

This adorable baby elephant pictured below landed itself in a right old mess after falling down a muddy ditch. The ditch was an old railway embankment and luckily, a train passed by and kind-hearted train passengers convinced the driver to stop so they could give the trapped elephant some food and rescue the poor calf from its predicament.

A herd of wild elephants were crossing railway tracks in Goalpara, in North-East India, when one elephant calf slipped and fell into a ditch.

Stuck in the muddy ravine, its attempts to get free were of no use. Luckily, passengers of a passing train stopped to help.

The good Samaritans fed the baby elephant while waiting for help.

Although the elephant was frightened by its fall, it had not injured itself.

This forest official soon arrived at the scene to oversee the rescue with the help of the train passengers.

Accidents involving elephants in India are not uncommon. Seven elephants died when a train rammed them at 50mph last November, prompting calls to restrict rail speeds to protect India’s wild elephant population, estimated to be about 26,000.

This clumsy elephant was lucky though, as people managed to get it out of the ditch by offering it a stick to grab onto while others pushed it from the back, dislodging it from the mud and out of the ditch.

Poor little thing looks quite embarrassed, let’s hope it found its way back to the herd just fine. Via dailymail Share this incredible rescue story with your friends below.

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