24 Pets Who Are Totally Psyched For A Night In — Get Your Popcorn Ready!

Who needs a loud, booming bar or club when you have the cutest party animals in your own home? And when their version of a “party” means staying in and cuddling, it’s hard to decline the invitation.

These cats and dogs all have compelling proof that a night out isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when you could be enjoying Netflix and chill with their sweet faces instead. Because when they chill, they chill hard.

1. “Don’t forget the sodas.”

2. It’s his night to pick the movie.

3. “Mr. Penguin says he wants pineapple on the pizza.”

4. “You forgot to bring an ice cream spoon for me.”

5. “Oh, so…no sprinkles?”

6. “Ah, see how nice this is?”

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7. “Never. Leaving. This. Spot.”

8. “I’m telling you, man, it’s a whole different show like this.”

9. “This bath isn’t gonna draw itself.”

10. “You got the kind with extra butter, right?”

11. “But you just had a bathroom break two hours ago.”

12. “You have got to try this, dude.”

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13. “Gasp! Is that Chunky Monkey??”

14. Settled in for a Die Hard marathon.

15. “This new massage couch is the beeeeest.”

16. “Go to the club? No, thank you.”

17. “I should not have had that seventh slice.”

18. Waiting patiently for story time.

19. “Please, not another chick flick.” “Ugh, you never like my ideas.”

20. “You’re right, this movie is too scary.”

21. Their “marathon” only lasted one episode.

22. “Do I smell…Bagel Bites?

23. “You’re cleared for approach.”

24. “Cuddle me first!” “NO ME!”

“Play it cool, guys.”

You’re definitely better off staying in with these snuggle buddies. Maybe if the bar had this many cute faces it would be worth the overpriced, watered-down brewskis.

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