You’ll Never Look At Your Childhood Toys The Same Again. There’s An Evil Darkness There…

After you see these pictures by flickr user Bwwack you’ll never look at a Barbie doll the same way again, he definitely seems to have a dark and twisted side. What Bwwack likes to do is to take completely normal and innocent looking children’s toys and make them look sinister. He does this by photographing them in black and white, using light and shadows to give his pictures a real twisted evil look of terror about them.

Barbie of Darkness

My Little Backstabber

The plotting of Thomas

The Everwatching Debutante

He’s got an icepick ready!

Terror of the Munchkin

Always Watching

The Little People are amused…

The Bride is displeased

The (M)ad Professor!

His true form revealed!

Eek. I’m never looking at my childhood toys the same way again. Good thing they are all boxed up in the garage, where they can’t get to me. Source: Bwwack on flickr Share these toys of darkness with your friends below.

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