This Bug Protects Itself By Looking Like Something Much Scarier Than It Is.

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No one wants to be eaten alive, but the Hornet Moth goes to some serious extremes to keep that from happening. Also known as the Hornet Clearwing, this bug evolved over the years to be the most ferocious flying creature in the wild.

Actually, it just evolved to mimic the look and flight pattern of hornets. If you get close, you can see that they’re not actual hornets. If you think you see a hornet, there’s no way you’re getting anywhere near the thing…forget going closer! The resemblance here is absolutely uncanny. Take a look!

Hornet Moth

Hornet Moth Larva

Hornet Moth Pupa

Hornet Moth Adult

An Actual Hornet

Hornet Moth

(via Twisted Sifter)

I wonder if actual hornets sometimes think Hornet Moths are one of them. Maybe Hornet Moths accidentally approach hornets, thinking they’ve found a fellow faker. The life of a Hornet Moth must be confusing.

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