Taking Your Dog On A Walk Just Got A Heck Of A Lot Cuter And Easier

Taking a dog for a walk can be a bit of a hassle. You have to remember to bring poop bags, a leash, a toy, and perhaps even a little doggy sweater if it’s cold out. It’s easy for a person to forget any one of these items, but there may be a solution now…

Fashion designer Maggie Modena has created a truly unique product for you and your dog. It is a miniature backpack for your dog to wear that works both as a harness and as an extra storage item. Not only is she making cute backpacks for your dog, you can also get a matching bag so you and your pup can go out and hit the town in style!

She just set up a Kickstarter and needs donations for the product to officially hit the stores, but check out these fun details…

Maggie Modena has created cute little backpacks for your dog that will allow you to pack treats, toys, and poo bags with ease. You’ll never forget any of these items again because your dog will carry them with him/her!

The bags act as a harness as well as an extra storage unit. Plus they come in many different patterns and designs, so you can find the right backpack for your dog!

Kickstarter / Dog Pack

Not only does Maggie make the backpacks for your dog, but you can get yourself a matching backpack so you and your pup can go out in style!

So head to her Kickstarter now and donate to make sure this project actually gets to happen!

(via Kickstarter / Dog Pack)

Donate now to the Kickstarter, and with your donation, you can get some pretty awesome gifts. There is a dog calendar, fun stickers, and you can even get the doggy backpack and matching backpack if your donation is high enough! So donate today and make sure that this awesome product gets to be made!

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