Her Husband Is Dead And She’s Keeping A Painful Secret. From The Person Closest To Her.

Thania Sayne can still be seen at the cemetery, mourning over the loss of her Army Sergeant husband. Timothy Sayne died while serving our country two years ago. She was pregnant with her second child when he passed away. Now, she has to raise her family by herself. And she still, to this day, does not know how to tell her youngest child that Daddy won’t ever be coming home.

These images will break your heart.

2 years after losing her husband, Thania is still deeply grieving his loss.

Timothy Sayne was killed in an explosion in Afghanistan.

Thania was pregnant with her second child when her husband died. She still doesn’t know how to tell her son that his daddy is never coming back.

“He always wanted to serve his country and protect us, and for that I am proud, but I’m also angry because he’s not here,” she said.

Thania tries to keep her husband’s memory alive by sharing stories with her sons about their time together. She can’t help but visit his grave at Arlington Cemetery as much as she can.

The couple’s oldest son, Timothy Kalvin, remembers his father. Please share this story so more people can remember Timothy’s sacrifice.


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