These Odd Inventions Are Equal Parts Crazy And Genius. Where Can I Buy These?!

It takes a lot of creativity and effort to come up with a completely unique idea. After all, throughout history, people have been attempting to better themselves and their experiences with new inventions. There can only be so many original thoughts. The inventors of these strange products, though, found a way to create something new. Most of what they created seems a little insane, sure, but it’s also genius. Why wouldn’t you want an umbrella for your dog?

1.) A scooter stroller. Taking your baby on a walk just got awesome.

2.) Rough day at work? Use this tie flask.

3.) Prevent perverts from hitting on you, ladies, by wearing hairy leg tights.

4.) Is this a door… or a ping pong table? (It’s both.)

5.) If you REALLY hate rain but still want to be able to see…

6.) Let your baby clean your house for you.

7.) The arm pillow is for those people who want to cuddle, but may not have anyone at the moment.

8.) Drink your hot coffee AND iron.

9.) Working out is for losers. Shape your flesh with this piece of metal instead.

10.) Don’t allow Karen to steal your lunch at work ever again.

11.) Keep an eye on your waist size with this belt.

12.) This cutting board collects crumbs for you (and the birds).

13.) This is how you play Game of Thrones for real.

14.) Don’t have a beard? Buy one.

15.) This sleeping bag has legs and arms, just in case you need to fight bears in the night.

16.) Make muzzling your dog adorable.

17.) Never let your dog (or Gremlin) get wet.

18.) The Ostrich pillow can help you nap anywhere.

19.) It’s like a bike, but without all of that sitting down.

20.) Serving pizza is now 25% easier.

21.) Make sauce. And MUSIC.

22.) An umbrella water gun… just … because.

23.) Don’t chew on your pen caps. Use your pen caps to chew.

24.) Corners are no longer your picture’s enemies.

25.) Keep water out of your baby’s eyes with this bonnet.

26.) A piano doorbell (warning: probably annoying).

27.) The full body umbrella for the hydrophobic.

28.) Be a rockstar in the shower with this mic sponge.

29.) Don’t forget your kids. Forget-me-not mittens!

30.) Never trip over toys while going to get a block of cheese in the middle of the night. Use slipper lights.

No one would blame you for buying all 30 of these awesome products (especially if they were included in a Sky Mall catalog on a 4-hour flight). They may be a little weird, you may only use them once or twice… but these inventions are kind of brilliant. Share them with others.

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