So There’s A Cafe In Japan… And You’ll Probably Really, Really Want To Go There After This.

Japan is known for it’s crazy, kooky fads. The social trends there cover almost any kind of interest (and any subset of that interest). So it’s no surprise that after making gaming cafes, cat cafes and even bunny cafes, the Japanese thought of a new adorable trend: owl cafes. Over the past year, owl cafes have been springing up in Tokyo and Osaka… and they’re just as adorable as they sound.

Coffee shop patrons get to interact with the friendly owls.

HINT: these owls love rubs.

If you didn’t think owls were cute before…

You will now.

It’s hard to tell if this craze is a good or bad idae.

But it’s definitely cute.

How could you not love hanging out with this?

Or getting these treats?

Oh Japan… you’re such an interesting place.

Source: Reddit If you’re in Tokyo, you can stop by almost any cafe and find something cute and cuddly to hang out with… even owls. Share this awesome new development in adorable with others by clicking the share button below!

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