This Slaughterhouse Truck Is Both Disturbing And Cute. I’m Not Sure How, But Just Look.

If you haven’t heard of Banksy yet, you’ll never forget him. He is a famous, but mysterious, UK-based street artist. He has been staying in New York City recently and his most recent public art installation is hard to interpret but you’ll never forget it.

His art wasn’t graffiti like it normally is – it was performance art.

He filled a slaughterhouse truck to the brim with stuffed animals.

The puppets were baa-ing and moo-ing out of the truck. He calls it ‘The Sirens Of The Lambs’

“It was so loud. Not sure but I think someone was in the truck banging as if the animals were trying to escape.”

It was cute, but disturbing.

Onlookers weren’t sure what to make of it, but they knew they would never forget it.

When someone caught up with the driver, he refused to talk. He’d only say that his name was Joe and he was The Farmer.

“I don’t really know much, I’m just a driver, a delivery guy,” he said. “I’m just here delivering meat. Farm fresh meat.”

Very interesting and intriguing street art  – what do you make of this? What do you think the meaning behind it is?


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