This Cat Was On Death Row For The Most Upsetting Reason, But You Should See Her Now!

Animals, like their human counterparts, are all so unique.

But because we as a society have these ever-expanding standards of beauty, we sometimes turn a blind eye to anyone or anything that’s anything less than perfect. Case in point, a cat by the name of Maya.

Maya is barely a year old, but because of a chromosomal abnormality, she was abandoned behind a Chinese restaurant. When she was finally discovered, she was quickly whisked off to a kill shelter. This precious kitten was given a death sentence for being born a little different until a cat sanctuary saw something in her that no one else could.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary learned about Maya and quickly rescued her from the kill shelter.

She may look and act a bit differently, but the staff knew she deserved the same love and attention as any other pet.

They quickly posted her photos on their Facebook page, and people began going crazy for Maya’s cuteness.

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