These Honest Pie Charts Explain Your Life In A Hilarious Way.

Pie charts can make almost anything easy to understand, so how do they fare when trying to explain something as complicated as your life? Well, if this O were a pie chart, the white space would represent “pretty dang well.”

Beyond the fact that these charts are focused on an interesting topic for once, they’re also really funny. If this O were a pie chart, “not funny in the slightest” would be represented by the color green. (The pie charts below are a lot better than the ones featured in this paragraph, I promise.) Check them out!

1.) Yo quiero it to go in my mouth.

2.) How many stars would you give “Looking through ‘Recently Added'”?

3.) It’s not PUNtrue. Sorry, I’m terrible at those.

4.) Who knows; how to use those anyway?

5.) This one’s got my number.

6.) You may not always LIKE the truth.

7.) Don’t forget reminding you that you’re wearing underwear with every step you take.

8.) It’s either click or think about why you’re visiting three years after Smurfs 2 came out.

9.) You can never be too carefully when it comes to avoiding things that don’t exist.

10.) SEE? I told you Carrot top wasn’t in Memento!

11.) Apparently, as long as you can still pay their bill, dentists don’t care about your fingers.

12.) Perhaps it’s finally time to invest in one of those umbrella hats.

13.) Still better than in my slippers.

14.) Hm… Maybe try opening the cabinet that you just closed.

15.) If you’re lucky, the beeping will be loud enough to alert the nearest pizza place that a large pie is needed.

16.) The truth hurts.

17.) True, that is.

18.) Word “Why did that text move up and over to the left?” to that.

19.) “Alright!”

20.) WHAT?! Haha… ha?

21.) Sounds like someone needs a vacation from their vacation!

22.) It’s too bad you can’t buy common sense.

23.) K.

24.) “Oh, that’s right. I was supposed to go to bed early. Doesn’t do me much good now.”

25.) Too true, especially if you spend most of your time strutting down the street in a leisure suit like I do.

(via Emlii, GraphJam)

Mmm… charts! Delicious, delicious pie charts.

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