These 21 X-Rays Of Freaky Objects In The Human Body Are Shocking And Fascinating.

X-rays are a medical advancement that has been helping us for decades. Basically, they rock. They give us an entirely new point of view when it comes to finding and treating internal injuries. Those machines can capture some sincerely amazing images of the human body. They can also occasionally document some truly horrifying injuries. Seeing an injury in person is bad enough, but knowing what it’s doing to you internally? That’s even worse. These strange injuries were captured by x-ray technicians over the years. Check them out for yourself below, they’re amazing and shocking at all once.

1.) A construction worker unknowingly embedded a four-inch nail in his skull.

2.) A Florida teen who had a spear fishing accident.

3.) There’s always time for a selfie, even when you accidentally shoot a nail into your brain.

4.) This man accidentally impaled himself in the eye with his pruning shears.

5.) Nailed it.

6.) I’m not sure this person know’s how to use sun glasses.

7.) Those little spots are hundreds of gold acupuncture needles.

8.) Robbers assaulted this man in India, and shoved the bottle up his rectum when he resisted. It was removed successfully.

9.) I feel bad for this person.

10.) Watch your step.

11. What the…?

12.) Sometimes you just have to left go of the past.

13.) Could explain that headache.

14.) Those don’t belong there.

15.) How are you gonna explain this one?

16.) I’m not sure they needed an x-ray to see this one is broken.

17.) Probably the least painful looking one on this list.

18.) *cringe*

19.) That’s going to leave a mark.

20.) So that’s where the keys went.

21.) I’m not sure this person’s day could get much worse.

I’m just thankful none of these things happened to me. (In fact, how did some of these happen?) Don’t forget to share this on Facebook by clicking below.

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