These 32 Dogs Are Up To Absolutely No Good. Watch Your Backs, Especially Around #3.

Why does everyone like to look at cat videos? Because they’re cute! But what about the dogs left in the internet dust? Well all I know is that these 32 dogs are up to some serious mischief while we’ve been distracted. 😉

1. This sneaky guy!

2. Sneaking out?

3. Wait…wait…what?

4. Just begging for a fight.

5. Perfect disguise for mischief

6. Looking to steal your job while you’re not paying attention.

7. Just take it already.

8. Revenge shall be his.

9. Punk.

10. What did you just do??

11. Chicks, man.

12. “Hey, you guys want to buy something?”

13. Drunk selfie.

14. Yes, I’m still mad at you.

15. Grand theft turtle?

16. No words.

17. Wow, I think I’ll stop watching cat videos…

18. Ruh roh.

19. “No more baths, ever!”

20. Perfect disguise to eat people food!

21. What did you just do?

22. Dum. Dum. Dummmmm.

23. What did you just steal?

24. You stole my Poke-ball.

25. That’s what happens when you lock yourself out?

26. This dog will take revenge, mark my words.

27. What’s the secret password?

28. Clearly got caught playing dress-up.

29. Ummmmm.

30. Look out! That snake ate a whole dog!

31. Never trust a dog in a speedo.

32. #Hateyou.

Did you learn your lesson? Never trust an unwatched dog! Via BuzzFeed Please share below with others to spread the word about the secret world of these dogs!

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