A NICU Nurse Got To See The Babies She Saved, And By The End, You’ll Be In Tears

When you work in the healthcare industry, you get used to seeing tragedy. The sad truth is that doctors and nurses experience that pain almost every day, and they have to go through the heartbreaking task of guiding families through devastating loss. All of this is worth it, however, when they have the opportunity to save a life.

When nurses and doctors save patients from the brink of death, they don’t usually get to see those people again. But the parents of some of this NICU nurse’s patients decided to bring their littles ones back to thank the woman who helped them when they needed it most.

That has to be an awesome feeling. Nursing is usually a thankless profession, but it’s nice that this diligent woman has finally been rewarded with the gratitude she deserves. This is the feeling that medical professionals live for, because they make it their life’s work to keep us healthy and safe.

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