Putting A Bathtub In The Yard Sounds Odd, But This Project Is Incredible

Spring is right around the corner, so why not get ready for some campfire fun? Now all you need is a stack of logs, some marshmallows, and a bathtub. Wait…what?

Stay with me, okay? While chillin’ in a tub next to a backyard fire might sound insane, you have to see what this inventive DIYer just pulled off.

By cutting an old bathtub in half, he created two epic thrones upon which he’ll be able to toast marshmallows with regal, reckless abandon once winter finally decides to leave the Western Hemisphere alone. If this sounds like something you’d be into, check out his process!

A do-it-yourselfer by the name of bricobart knew that he wanted to repurpose his old tub into a piece of furniture after renovating his bathroom, but he quickly hit a snag.

Basically, the tub didn’t fit down the stairs. Ever the quick thinker, he said, “Let’s cut this nonsense in half!” And so he did. That’s when his bathtub chairs were born.

He grabbed an angle cutter with a seriously sharp blade (along with some goggles, gloves, and earplugs) and cut the whole thing in half.

He didn’t want to waste any of the steel by making two normal-looking chairs, so he decided that the weird one (pictured on the right) would become “The Throne.” Well done, sir.

After the tub was split, he built a sturdy wooden frame for each piece.

To join the beams, he used wood glue and heavy plugs. “My original idea was to make steel structures for the chairs, but my wife suggested that I use heavy wooden poles,” he writes. “And I listened because that’s what the ring is for.” Correct.

He used the measurements of both pieces to create these cradles.

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Fortunately, they fit together perfectly!

Instructables / bricobart

The Throne had to be secured with heavy screws because of its shape.

He thought he was done after that, but the rain had other plans. The adhesive and wooden plugs didn’t hold up well after a storm, so he went back in and reinforced the frames with stronger screws.

He strategically placed the screws so that people wouldn’t be able to see them as they marveled at his creations.

That being said, they’re easily visible from what he calls the “laying-on-the-ground-drunk-again” perspective.

Here’s the finished product! Pretty epic if I do say so myself.

You totally want a bathtub in your yard now, don’t you?

(via Little Things)

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