This Artist’s Disney Paintings Look Better Than Disney Movies Themselves

Looking at these magical Disney scenes it’s hard to believe that these are actual paintings and not digital illustrations. They’re the work of American artist Thomas Kinkade, who was the master of chiaroscuro, a painting technique using light and dark contrasts to create a sense of drama and the illusion of volume. That’s why it looks as though your favorite childhood characters could come alive any second and step through the painting to greet you.

The detail in each piece of artwork is amazing and the longer you look at it the more you’ll find. The late Thomas Kinkade illustrated Disney worlds better than anyone I’ve seen – I’d say even better than Disney itself. He stated that his goal had been “to create inviting worlds that draw people into their depths and encourage them to seek a better, brighter, more hopeful existence”. I’d say these paintings definitely achieved that goal.

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