The Average Person May Just See A Section Of Concrete. But The Meaning Behind It Is Amazing.

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When preteen David Hewitt met Sissy at a mutual friend’s “boy-girl party,” he just had to scrawl “David + Sissy” in wet concrete near the their homes in Charleston, South Carolina. That 12-year-old’s infatuation turned to love over the course of their teens and the two were married less than a decade later. During their years together, they would occasionally come back to the fateful sidewalk where he first proclaimed his love to her. And although sadly, David passed away after 38 years of marriage from cancer, what remains to this day is amazing.

Recently the Hewitts’ daughter noticed construction tape surrounding her family’s favorite sidewalk. She immediately got in touch with City Hall to make sure the memento wasn’t lost. The city allowed her family to cut the block out and move it to Sissy’s home…

Sissy now has her husband’s first public declaration of love resting on a walkway between her garage and house as a constant reminder of the love they shared for so many years.

We can all only hope to have such a great love in our lives. I know that I do. And when I find it, I’ll be sure to make a permanent marker just like this so the whole world will know it forever. 🙂 Source: Post and Courier Please share the Hewitt’s story with your friends below.

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