Here Are 26 Ways You Can Visit Foreign Countries Right Here In The US. Too Cool.

Seeing the world is an important part of existence. Even if you just explore a tiny corner of it, every moment you spend traveling you are broadening your mind. That’s vital for a happy and healthy life. And if you can’t afford a big trip to another country? Don’t fret. Just visit these places instead. 

There are parts of the US with such rich heritage or local culture that it’s like you’ll be traveling to a different country. The only difference is you’ll be able to talk to them without a translator… and you don’t even need your passport.

1.) Don’t know why you want to see a Bavarian Village? Doesn’t matter, just go to Helen, Georgia ASAP.

2.) Trust us, skip Beijing. Go to Chinatown in New York City this summer.

3.) Skip the plane tickets to Tuscany and just go to Napa Valley, CA.

4.) Hating the idea of a 16 hour flight to Japan? Just head to the Byodo-in temple in Oahu, Hawaii.

5.) Danish villages are for chumps. See Solvang, Georgia instead.

6.) Don’t worry about sailing around the Caribbean. Just go to Key West, Florida instead.

7.) The Alps have nothing on Mount Rainier. At least when Rainier is so close!

8.) You’ll need a passport to see the Amazonian waterfalls, but you won’t in El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico.

9.) Know what a Swiss Chalet is? Then you’ll know it’s easier to visit Vail Village in Colorado.

10.) Want to see the English countryside? Just go to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

11.) Skip the flight to Fiji. Head to Playa Flamenco, Puerto Rico instead.

12.) Who needs to go all the way to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower? Just check out the strip in Las Vegas!

13.) Don’t bother going all the way to Spain to see villas. Check out St. Augustine, Florida instead.

14.) Have your heart set on seeing Gothic castles? Take a visit to Duke University.

15.) Mexico and its desert is super dangerous. Visit the Chuihuahuan desert in New Mexico and save your head.

16.) Dreaming of climbing Mount Everest? Just go to Mount Mckinley, Alaska where it’s 9000 feet shorter, and so much easier to visit.

17.) Looking to appease your French obsession? Visit New Orleans ASAP.

18.) Wanna see Lombardi? Fly to Sonoma, California instead.

19.) Forget about going to Dublin, Ireland over St. Patty’s Day. Savannah, Georgia is so much closer.

20.) Want to reenact classic James Bond exotic Mediterranean scenes? Go to Sur, California.

21.) Skip the French Chateau and head to the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC.

22.) Have this weird urge to see an Alpine Village? Leavenworth, Washington might just be the answer.

23.) You can’t find Old World Spain, even in Spain. But you’ll find it in San Antonio, Texas.

24.) Skip the African Steppe and take a trip to Joshua National Park.

25.) Want to see ANOTHER Bavarian town? Just go to Frankenmuth, Michigan and stop with the Bavarian obsession.

26.) Looking for a tropical paradise? There’s only one place to go: Kauai, Hawaii.

(Source: eBaum’s World)

You don’t need to leave the homeland in order to see the world (sort of). These incredible destinations are right at your fingertips… so go! Which place are you headed to first? 

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