He Had Some Leftover Pineapple… What He Did With It Was Awesome.

Imagine this: Three years ago you went to the grocery store and bought a pineapple. You don’t know why, but you were in the mood for it at the time. The problem is, though, that you have a lot of pineapple leftover. After all, who buys an entire pineapple and finishes it all? (Come to think of it, how to you even cut one to eat it?)

After buying an entire pineapple and being unable to finish it, one guy decided to do something genius: he planted it.

His friends thought he was crazy… but three years later?

He grew his very own pineapple plant.

Which grew his very own pineapple.

Who knew this is what pineapples looked like as they grow?

It seems he’s going to be getting the last laugh, here.

Soon, the pineapple had to be taken outside. It needed a bigger pot.

It’s harvesting time!

Mmmm, he eats pineapple while his friends eat crow.

(via Reddit)

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