He Was Using Google Maps For Directions When He Made This Horrifying Discovery

Google Street View is pretty creepy. The ability to essentially “walk” down any street of the world is a power that is taken for granted nowadays. But if you’re a lover of this technology, consider yourself warned. The program has a tendency to show us things that we’d rather not see.

While examining the outside of The Stuart Hotel in Liverpool, a man noticed two figures in one of the windows. Upon closer inspection, he realized that these appeared to be figures of the ghostly variety.

At first, the faces seem pretty standard.

But zoom in just a little more, and you can see a scary duo made up of a goblin from Harry Potter and Lurch the butler.

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This sort of thing isn’t uncommon at The Stuart Hotel, which is considered one of the most haunted pubs in the area. In addition to faces in the windows, people often report hearing ghostly cries and seeing drinkers from wild nights past hanging out in the bar.

So whether ghouls really do call this joint home, or it’s just a ploy to get the hotel’s name out there, it’s still a creepy thing to notice.

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