When Her Kid Had An Epic Meltdown, This Celebrity Mom Had An Awesome Reaction

Disney World is a place full of magic, fun, adventure…and epic temper tantrums.

If you’ve ever taken your little ones to the Happiest Place on Earth, you’ve probably seen a few meltdowns of your own. Maybe you wouldn’t let them have a $10 turkey leg or meet Elsa for a fifth time. Whatever it was, they probably lost their marbles. What’s a parent to do?

After Drew Barrymore’s daughter had a couple Disney meltdowns, she reacted with the classic humor we’ve all come to know and love her for. As she explains the situation to Seth Meyers, it’s comforting to know that even the most famous moms have to deal with some ridiculous moments!

As Drew says, “It all ends at some point in mayhem.” Yup! And the same is true of Target, the park, a friend’s house…

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Shout out to Drew for keeping it real! Be sure to share this with other parents, and remember — when your kid freaks out, you might as well take a picture!

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