6 Alternative Uses for LEGO Bricks

The Lego Company is based out of Denmark, and the word Lego comes from the Danish word Leg Godt which means “play well”. 7 LEGO sets are being sold by retailers every second around the world, and more than 400 billion LEGO bricks have been already produced since 1949. Stacked on top of each other, this is enough to connect the Earth and the Moon ten times over!

The number of combinations you can build are practically endless. With just six 8-stud LEGO bricks you can build over 102 million combinations! Multiply it by different possible LEGO uses and you get unlimited possibilities! [Read more…]

It is also estimated that there are about 50-60 Lego bricks for every person on the planet, and children around the world spend 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.

Bored Panda did some investigation too, and found these 5 Cool Alternative Uses of LEGO. Enjoy, share and comment!

1. Wall Repair

(Bamboos for: Jan Vormann)

2. Photography Reproduction

Raising the flag on Iwo Jima

A Lego recreation of Joe Rosenthal’s 1945 photograph “Raising the flag on Iwo Jima”. One of the most published photographs in history.

Anti-Empire protest

A Lego Starwars themed take on Marc Riboud’s famous 1967 photograph taken at an anti-Vietnam protest in Washington.

Afghan Girl

A Lego recreation of Steve McCurry’s 1985 National Geographic cover photograph of Sharbat Gula (previously known simply as “Afghan Girl” before her formal identification in 2002).

(more: Creative LEGO Reproductions by Balakov)

3. 8-Bit Games

Contra (NES)

Duck Hunt (NES)

Mortal Kombat (Arcade)

(Bamboos for: skinny coder)

4. Sculpture

Lego Sculptures

(more: LEGO Artworks by Nathan Sawaya)

5. Movie Posters

(Bamboos for: ©LegoLyons)

(Bamboos for: ©Marcin ImpreSariO)

6. Modeling

(Please note that this is a fake ad campaign entitled Pixxxel by Jean Yves Lemoigne)

I’m pretty sure there are many more alternative uses for lego, so if you know one – share it with us!


Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/alternative-uses-for-lego-bricks/