Video Of Tesla “Predicting” A Car Crash Seconds Before It Happens Goes Viral

Check out this amazing dashcam footage to see a Tesla car apparently predicting a car crash just seconds before it happened. Realizing that an accident was about to occur on the A2 highway in the Netherlands, the car’s autopilot feature, which assists the car to sense what’s up ahead by utilizing safe-driving-pattern monitoring, triggered the alarm and the emergency braking system moments before the crash unfolded. Despite the high-speed collision however, Hans Noordsij, who recently shared the video on Twitter, confirmed that nobody was serious hurt in the crash.

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Tesla is expected to roll out its Enhanced Autopilot before the end of the year. Along with improved accident-avoidance technology, the Autopilot will also feature self-parking and automatic lane-changing capabilities. “The foundation is laid for cars to be fully autonomous at a safety level we believe to be at least twice that of a person, maybe better,” said Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla.

Tesla starts braking moments before the accident

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