Nazis Have Never Been About The Funny, But This Time The Fools Are Hilarious

The people of
Wunsiedel, Germany, came up with a brilliant way to trick a group of neo-Nazis marching through their town every year into raising money for an anti-Nazi organization.

After putting up with it for too long, the townspeople decided to quietly turn the march into a walkathon for an anti-Nazi organization, EXIT-Deutschland. The brilliant part? They didnt tell the Nazis.

Here’s how the whole town punked a bunch of haters.

They put on walkathon where townspeople made a charitable contribution each time the marchers reached a certain milestone. Of course, no one told the marchers what the charity was.

So the Nazis were unknowingly marching against … themselves.

Wunsiedel totally turned the marchers’ bad intentions upside-down, making the Nazis do good even if they had no idea that’s what they were doing.

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