• 10 funny, timely, and honest Valentine’s Day cards for the real MVPs in your life.

    Real talk: These are difficult times, and there’s no shame in needing a little extra love and support from your favorite humans. No matter what side of the aisle youre on, youve probably had to lean on your friend, partner, or fellow activist throughout the past year. In this political climate, it’s clear that our […]

  • 10+ Of The Best Tweets About President Donald Trump’s Inauguration

    Donald Trump has just been sworn in as the 45th President Of America and is about to make it great again. Show Full Text “We must think big and dream even bigger. America will start winning again, winning like never before,” – Trump said on the steps of the Capitol. We really hope that this […]

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  • You can help NASA name a big, weird space rock. Name it something good.

    If you’re a wizard at coming up with names — you know, the kind of brilliant mind who’d call a dog Pasta Batman — NASA’s got a job for you. About two years ago, the New Horizons space probe whizzed past Pluto, sending back never-before-seen images and letting us soar over fantastically named features like […]

  • Couple’s Birthing Photoshoot Goes Viral, And People Don’t Know What To Think

    Cat lover and photographer Lucy Schultz has been fostering kittens and volunteering at the local shelter for most of her life, but she has never had one to call her own since she was a little girl. Until recently. Lucy and her partner for three years, Steven, became financially stable, so they decided to bring […]

  • Comic With Unexpected Ending Shows Why Kids Are The Best Thing

    Kids are great. They love to play, they help you to slow down and appreciate the little things in life, and they’re often unintentionally hilarious in the most unexpected of ways. Show Full Text Check out this cute comic strip to see what we mean. It was created by Spencer Moreland, the artist behind, […]

  • How Brazilian women supported a 12-year-old reality star and fought sexual harassment.

    This story was originally published on News Deeply. After an episode of a Brazilian reality TV show, Twitter was bombarded with sexually explicit tweets aimed at contestant Valentina Shulz. That may sound par for the course except for the age of the target: Valentina, a competitor on “Masterchef Junior” last October, was just 12 years […]

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    LG Makes Job Applicants Think the World Is Ending, Scares The Hell Out of Them

    Imagine coming in for a job interview, bright and ready to prove yourself and earn a living, when things take a turn for the worst and a meteor destroys your city. Bummer. While we do hope that no such thing happens anywhere any time soon, an advertisement stunt set up by LG in Chile has […]

  • 25+ Genius Ideas We Can’t Believe Are Still Not Implemented Everywhere

    While some are trying to take people to Mars or transfer their minds into machines, others are developing ideas that focus on our earthly everyday lives. But it doesn’t mean they’re less worthy! Bored Panda has compiled a list of awesome inventions and designs you didn’t know you needed, and they’re as genius as they’re […]