• I’m Sexy and I Know it He-Man Mash up

    It seems a simple recipe for any viral video is to take a pop song, and cut up any niche video to create a musical mash up. Without a doubt, the most popular song out now is still Sexy And I Know by LMFAO. JESSEWOLF1 cut together He-Man video to create this viral He-Man LMFAO mash up music […]

  • What’s The Longest Word In Your Language?

    As a master of many languages, seventeen year old polygot Timothy Doner had the opportunity to ask his multinational friends what the longest word in their language is. Some of the words are so long, they almost seem made up.  But in the end Sweden probably wins as their long word is more or less a short […]

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    They Stood In A Pool, Started Splashing…And Proceeded To Blow My Mind

    googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Dominik Schad is a German drummer. And while he’s killer on the actual drums, it’s his ability to find percussion in unusual things that really sets him apart from the pack. Not only is he able to create multiple unique sounds with each item (like a matchbox!), he records himself in […]

  • The Jewish Hunger Games

    In honor of the Jewish Day of Atonement, Jon Rudnitsky made this Yom Kippur-themed parody of The Hunger Games, appropriately titled The Jewish Hunger Games. As Jews fast for 25 hours during the serious holiday, the connection between The Hunger Games becomes obvious. Over the weekend, the video has managed to collect over 400,000 views! The video is […]

  • So There’s A Small Room In Idaho. And What You Can Do In It Is Simply Awesome.

    On an unassuming street in Boise, Idaho, there is a business that allows people to tap into their primal, animal urges without having to feel shame. Visiting this establishment isn’t against the law, anyone can do it and even though people might not “get” why it exists, once you go there you’ll understand. It’s called […]

  • Johnny Manziel Jumps Over Defender, Completes Pass For Touchdown

    Quarterback Johnny Manziel of the Texas A&M Aggies is trending for this impressive play against Duke, which was posted online by ESPN.  It seemed as if Johnny was done for, but somehow, he jumped over a defender, stayed on his feet, and launched a perfect pass to Travis Labhart who scored a touchdown.    Read more:

  • 50+ Of The Cutest Baby Animals Of All Time

    Autumn is coming, and if you’re not yet used to the cold, these unbelievably adorable baby animals will warm your heart right up. Obtaining pets at an early age can help ensure that they will be socialized correctly, but make sure it’s not an impulse buy, because they won’t stay tiny forever! If you have […]

  • This Baby Elephant Had Been In The Bath A Bit Too Long…So Mom Decided To Do THIS!

    Some days, it can feel like every little thing in the world is against you. No matter what you try to do or how simple a task might seem, it’s like there’s always something standing in your way. For this baby elephant, that frustrating task was getting into the bathtub for his morning rinse. It […]

  • John Mayer And Katy Perry Who You Love Music Video

    How do you get more spotlight as a musician these days? Collaborate with Katy Perry of course.  Acoustic blues rocker John Mayer made just that decision and teamed up with the Roar artist for his newest song Who You Love.  And his strategy seemed to have worked as the new video is trending with over 1.5 million views already.    […]

  • These Guys Are Really Two-Faced (But In The Best Way). Nature Is Awesome.

    Animals are the master of blending into their environment and being stealthy. After all, it’s a requirement to stay alive, even for predators. But what happens when nature takes a turn and tosses in a few genetic mutations?  You get some awesome coloring. These two-faced creatures are amazing to look at (but I worry about their luck […]