• Reese Witherspoon revealed she was sexually assaulted at 16, in a powerful speech.

    Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ELLE. Reese Witherspoon’s three decades in Hollywood have been peppered with prestigious awards, a long list of blockbuster successes — and, she shared recently, several incidents of sexual assault at the hands of powerful men. The A-lister was on stage at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood event on Oct. 16, introducing […]

  • 25+ Hilarious Comics By Loading Artist That Will Make Your Day

    Need something to get through this long Monday at work? These illustrations by Loading Artist are just perfect for you! Show Full Text Also known as Gregor Czaykowski, the artist creates cheesy yet funny comics that feature all kinds of different situations from the process of looking for a job to the reality of mice […]

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  • 25+ Hilarious Comics By Shubbabang Who Quit Her Job In Retail And Now Struggles With Adulting

    Artist Shelby Miller, AKA Shubbabang, is a self-described dork from Florida who makes awesome comics. Wethink that they are so awesome, we have decided to put together a list of them for your viewing pleasure! Cute, funny, occasionally neurotic and even a little dark, Shubbabang has a little something for every mood. Speaking to Bored Panda, […]

  • Time to throw your support behind the U.S. women’s soccer team. They deserve it.

    ‌U.S. soccer’s Matt Besler after the loss to Trinidad and Tobago. Photo by Abraham Diaz/AFP/Getty Images‌. When the U.S. men’s soccer team was eliminated from this year’s World Cup contention, people were devastated. The U.S. Men’s National Team’s 2-1 loss Wednesday loss to Trinidad and Tobago marked the end of a 31-year run of World […]

  • 17 parents confess their worst and most hilarious failures.

    Parenting ain’t easy. But there’s never been more pressure to do it all “right.” Research shows that the barrage of organic, homemade recipes on Pinterest, mommy-shaming, and picture-perfect social media posts we face create deep anxiety and depression in a lot of parents. No matter what they do, they just don’t feel good enough. Which […]

  • What everyone heartbroken over the ‘Planet Earth II’ turtle episode should know.

    On Dec. 11, 2016, animal lovers sat in front of their TVs, devastated at what they saw on the screens in front of them. It had to do withbaby turtles. Actually crying at these baby turtles on planet earth becs (@offcrgrimes) December 11, 2016 “Planet Earth II” the sequel to BBC’s 2006 mega-hit series “Planet […]

  • 'Call Me, Maybe' Gets A Catchy Pro-Choice Rewrite

    Virginia’s Attorney General (Ken “The Cooch” Cuccinelli) wants to shut down all of his state’s abortion clinics. The ladies of Maryland’s Cooch Watch have just one thing to say to him and his friends in Congress: “Hands off, crazy!” WARNING: Slightly NSFW language. Enable captions to read the lyrics and sing along. Read more:

  • Warning: Division by zero in /nfs/c08/h05/mnt/115941/domains/ on line 523

    7 Deadly Catsins By Marija Tiurina

    Marija Tiurina, game designer by day and illustrator by night, teamed up with NeonMob, a platform for digital artists and collectors, to recreate an identity for the seven deadly sins – with cats! “Deadly sins are quite symbolic and interesting. But Google search shows you only boring fantasy art, and pretty much the same style […]

  • Tens of thousands of workers are demanding higher wages and better treatment.

    Something important is happening on April 14, 2016, and we don’t mean National Dolphin Day (although that’s pretty cool, too). Workers across the globe are joining together to demand a living wage and the right to unionize. The idea is pretty simple: that everybody who works should be paid enough to afford their basic needs […]