• Meet the man trying to use conservative values to fight climate change.

    The sixth time he ran for Congress, Rep. Bob Inglis (R-South Carolina) made two big mistakes. The second mistake, according to Inglis, was when he refused to confirm at a town hall event that President Barack Obama was indeed an evil secret non-American Muslim socialist. But the truly shameful blunder that would cost him the […]

  • Video Of Tesla “Predicting” A Car Crash Seconds Before It Happens Goes Viral

    Check out this amazing dashcam footage to see a Tesla car apparently predicting a car crash just seconds before it happened. Realizing that an accident was about to occur on the A2 highway in the Netherlands, the car’s autopilot feature, which assists the car to sense what’s up ahead by utilizing safe-driving-pattern monitoring, triggered the […]

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  • 1 year later, the Ice Bucket Challenge funds this breakthrough in ALS research.

    Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Of course you do. It was that viral video campaign that took off last summer where you’d log into Facebook and see a steady stream of your friends dumping water on themselves in the name of awareness and research for the ALS Association. For science! Brrrrrr. Photo by Clive Mason/Getty […]

  • 5 reasons you should stop spending money only on yourself right now.

    Michael Norton is a professor at Harvard Business School. Smart dude, right? Well, he’s got some news for us: Money can buy happiness. But it has everything to do with how that money is spent. 5 Reasons to Spend Your Money on Other People. (Because Science.) 1. Too much money makes us selfish and antisocial. […]

  • People Are Freaking Out Over This Song Made From A Unicorn Drawing, And You Will Too

    A YouTube musician used a unicorn head to make a song. It sounds morbid, but it was actually genius. He drew a unicorn using MIDI notes, and the song it played was surprisingly pleasant. Show Full Text Andrew Huang, a multi-talented Canadian musician known for his frequent use of unorthodox instruments, printed the shape of […]

  • 50 Cool and Creative Products by Fred & Friends

    Yesterday I was listening to Supersci, and there was a part talking about how humans always move forward – forward to the better world. While it sounded somehow funny that day, it was probably true! I came across this incredibly innovative Fred and Friends shop (also check Amazon), and it proved the proposition from the […]

  • Dozens of people on Reddit are saying ‘Thanks, Obama.’ For real.

    Approximately one year ago, the “Thanks Obama” subreddit was a repository for absurd memes blaming President Obama for everything from traffic tickets to snowstorms, framed as snarky, lighthearted commentary on the president’s legacy. Posts from 2015 sarcastically chide the present for posters’ rough, dry feet, tearing grocery bags, and inability to unsuccessfully unwrap a muffin. […]