• 10+ Of The World’s Most Amazing Fountains

    Many of you have probably heard of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and you’ve probably seen the famous Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, either in person or while watching the movie Ocean’s 11. While there’s no doubt that these are both spectacular sights to behold however, they only represent a small percentage of the incredible […]

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  • Cat Keeps On Closing Lid

    This video was posted in February, but only recently went viral. Miku the Japanese cat likes to keep closing the lid to the paper shredder. It quickly turns into a game between man and feline. The video is shared on DailyPicksAndFlicks.   Read more:

  • Bypass Lane App Commercial

    Both the best and worst part of going to a baseball game is the concession stand. The game just isn’t the same without beer, popcorn, and hot dogs, but standing in line for hours really ruins the experience. Well, like almost everything these days, there is now an app for that. ByPassLane is a simple app that […]

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    Walmart Introduces New High Tech Delivery Truck Prototype

    Walmart is America’s biggest box store, so it goes without saying that they have a very large fleet of tractor trailers.  The company has recently unveiled plans for a new truck, called the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience, or WAVE. The driver sits in the center of the prototype truck in an advanced digital cockpit which allows for […]

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    These Spiders In Australia Are Getting Too Smart — Not Even Floods Can Stop Them

    Australia is a land of extremes. The continent is known for its deadly assortment of wildlife, but that’s not the only extreme thing about it. There’s also the weather. Recent floods in areas of Tasmania have caused unprecedented damage to residents’ homes and businesses. However, the extreme flooding has also caused wildlife — specifically spiders […]

  • Adorable Wolf Loves Belly Rubs

    Wolves are cousins with dogs, so it makes sense the pack animals would also like a nice belly rub.  Daring wolf caretaker Shelby Brower noticed her adorable wolf Maiah was attention hungry when she went out to do some cleaning, so she stopped her chores to give Maiah some belly rubs.  Just look at that face! Oh ya, […]

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    The Mafia Is All Around Us…Do You Know Who Your Local Mobsters Are?

    From The Godfather to the The Sopranos, it’s pretty clear that mafia members are just as important to American pop culture as Expansion-era cowboys. Hollywood seems pretty keen on focusing on the Five Families of New York City and the Chicago Outfit, but there are plenty more mafia groups around the U.S. that are just […]

  • Tiny Appaloosa mini horse..Tiny Appaloosa mini horse..

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