• Grandpa Stays In Touch With His Faraway Grandkids Through Instagram Art

    When people live in a different state (or country) than their family, the best ways to stay connected are usually by phone or email. However, one man in Brazil does it a bit differently when it comes to his grandchildren. When Ji Lee saw that his 75-year-old father, Chan Jae Lee, seemed lonely and withdrawn, […]

  • ADB raises Rs 500 cr in rupee-linked bonds

    Multilateral funding agency Asian Development Bank (ADB) has raised Rs 5 billion, or around Rs 500 crore, by issuing five-year offshore Indian rupee-linked bonds. “The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Read more:

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  • 15 New Animal Species Bred in Photoshop

    Redditor gyyp answers some questions you’ve probably never even had, like, “What do you get if you combine a duck and a horse?”, and gives you… a Dorse! Snake and horse? Snorse! Elephant and duck? Elephuck! “I like creating stupid animal species,” says gyyp, who has bred more than 20 new funny animal species in […]

  • Tanks Caravan Across Active Russian Beach

    This new video that stands with over 350,000 views just doesn’t get any more Russian-WTF. On a nice sunny day at the beach, the people got a special surprise. A caravan of tanks and heavy military vehicles. Imagine sunbathing and then hearing the roar of a tanks storming by. The video is covered on Gizmodo, DailyPicks, […]

  • Elephant Raju Cries After Being Rescued From 50 Years Of Suffering In Chains

    This heartbreaking story is about as elephant Raju from India that had an incredibly rough life. After being poached from his mother he was thrown from one owner to another, until he was left living in terrible conditions with no shelter at night, being used as a beggars prop all day long. Raju survived only […]

  • Rosberg wins an eventful Belgian GP

    Nico Rosberg won an incident-packed Belgian Grand Prix featuring a chaotic start, wild overtaking, a heavy crash, safety cars and a red flag.The Mercedes driver’s win on Sunday saw him close the gap Read more:

  • Street Photographer Spends 30 Years Capturing Kissing Couples of New York City

    Mark Weber has spent more than 30 years photographing the streets of New York. Although most of his photos deal with the darker side of life in the Big Apple, like poverty, violence, homelessness and the urban struggle, they also capture some of the more tender moments that make it all worth it. [Read more…] […]

  • This Dog Was Scared, Wounded, And Starving When They Found Her. Now Look At Her!

    Our Indian friends at Animal Aid Unlimited recently discovered a street dog that was in desperate need of help — and would’ve died without a rescue. The pup was suffering from a maggot-infested neck wound that was both threatening her life and making it miserable. Without treatment she would have died in a day or […]

  • Move Over, Spelling Bee Champs. This Dog Is Here To Steal Your Thunder.

    Those of us who have dogs know that they’re more intelligent than some people give them credit for. Just take this smart pup, for example. Not only does Penny the dog know her name, but she can spell it, too! Using treats and praise as rewards, Penny’s owner, Leonora, has taught her to pick out […]