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  • He Had Some Leftover Pineapple… What He Did With It Was Awesome.

    Imagine this: Three years ago you went to the grocery store and bought a pineapple. You don’t know why, but you were in the mood for it at the time. The problem is, though, that you have a lot of pineapple leftover. After all, who buys an entire pineapple and finishes it all? (Come to think of […]

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  • Check Out Some Of The Most Bizarre Underwear Fashions Ever.

    Sometimes underwear is uncomfortable. We all get the occasional wedgie stuck up our cracks, but that problem is usually pretty easily resolved. Just a simple pick will do the trick. Other times, it seems that some people want to make having comfortable underwear a bit more difficult. (Is that even possible?) Just have a look at some […]

  • Are You Ready To Get Up Close and Personal With Your Favorite Bugs?

    Warning: If you don’t like bugs, this post may creep you out a little bit. (Or a lot.) Indonesian photographer Yudy Sauw likes to get up close and personal with the local wildlife. No, not tigers or monkeys. Sauw prefers the company of bugs. His speciality is taking extreme close-ups of local bugs in a […]

  • This Guy Found A Normal Tree Stump In His Yard. What He Did With It Blew Me Away.

    When one family was clearing out their property of dead trees, they came across a stump that look perfect for a wood carving. Their son was excited to share the project online. They hired Steve Kenzora, who was an accomplished wood carver and has talent you just won’t believe. Their only request? “No men! All these sculptures are always […]

  • This Is The Last Thing I Thought Could Be Beautiful. Especially Considering It May Kill You.

    Artist Luke Jerram began creating complex glass sculptures of viruses, diseases and bacteria in 2004. Made to contemplate the global impact of each disease, the body of artwork titled ‘Glass Microbiology’ is created as  an alternative representations of viruses to the artificially colored imagery received through much of the media. In fact, viruses have no color as […]

  • 17 Insane Fast Food Items You Had No Idea Existed. Some Of Which Look SO GOOD.

    Indescribably unhealthy fast food isn’t just for Americans. The entire globe is guilty of creating food so amazingly tasty (and terrible) that the human race will be killed off in approximately 13.2 years. However, while you’re still alive, you might as well focus on trying at least one of these incredible foreign fast food items. […]