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  • Baby Elephant Cries Out for her Mother That Tried to Kill Her

    When little Zhuangzhuang was born, his mother immediately tried to stomp him to death. Zoo vets thought it was an accident at first. They removed him, treated his injuries and then put him back with his mother. There, she tried to trample him to death again. After finally putting him in a separate enclosure, the […]

  • These Honest Pie Charts Explain Your Life In A Hilarious Way.

    Pie charts can make almost anything easy to understand, so how do they fare when trying to explain something as complicated as your life? Well, if this O were a pie chart, the white space would represent “pretty dang well.” Beyond the fact that these charts are focused on an interesting topic for once, they’re […]

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    These Bad Sticker Placements Make Things Incredibly Awkward. But Hilarious.

    Think about the amount of work and thought that goes into making the package or product cover. It’s hard to believe that something as simple as where a little sticker is placed can undermine the entire product. Place a sticker a few centimeters to the left on the cover of Moby Dick and, well, you […]