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  • Bane Cat: Batman Villain Returns As A Vengeful Kitty Tormenting His Owner

    In one of the most bizarre character revivals we’ve recently seen, Bloodblitz, the comedian behind the Rob’s Rants channel on Youtube, has created a short video showing what Bane, the infamous Batman villain, might have looked like if he was a cat. Sporting the iconic mask and shearling coat, Banecat seeks to eliminate his owner’s […]

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  • 10+ Powerful Photos Showing What’s It Like To Be A Mom From The 2016 Birth Photography Competition

    The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) has announced the winners of its 2016 photography contest, and the results are breathtaking. Now it its fifth year, the competition celebrates “the beauty of birth and the skill of birth photographers” in three categories: labor, delivery, and postpartum. What’s it like to be one of these […]

  • Stunning Sculpture Of Mother Nature Rotating Earth Inspired By Thailand Disaster

    Maybe the ancients were on to something when they built statues as peace offerings to the gods. Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn certainly thinks so, and his multiple-sculpture series, The Force of Nature, embodies this ideal. Each of the roughly 2.5 meter (8.2 feet) sculptures depict what appears to be Mother Nature in a gravity-defying pose, […]

  • Teacher Uses LEGOs To Explain Math To Schoolchildren

    As if LEGOs weren’t enough of an awesome childhood toy, one teacher has found another awesome educational/developmental use for this super-toy – as a math education aid! Alycia Zimmerman, a 3rd-grade teacher in New York, uses them to explain fractions, squares and other mathematical concepts. “In the classroom, the tiny bricks are now my favorite […]

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    Woman Paints Stunning Superhero Costumes On Her Naked Body

    If you’ve ever tried to cosplay someone, you know how long it takes to prepare your costume. But what if you painted it? Canadian artist Kay Pike turns herself into famous superheroes and other cartoon characters by painting the looks straight onto her body. Some of the works take over 10 hours to make! It’s definitely not for […]

  • The Adventures of Mr. Fly

    Meet Nicholas Hendrickx, a super creative guy and photographer from Belgium. He calls himself a perfectionist with great patience, but in the end Nicholas thinks the main thing that matters is having a lot of fun. Looking back to his career it’s really hard to tell what made him popular – his skills, or an […]

  • The Running Man Challenge Is the Latest Addictive Internet Trend

    Just as the hype over “Damn, Daniel” begins to wear off, the internet has created a new, obsessive trend. It’s called The Running Man Challenge, and is similar to other viral dance trends like the Harlem Shake. Started by two University of Maryland basketball players, Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens, the challenge is simple: do […]

  • 27 Urgent Health Questions That Are Never Not Funny

    “Just ate 52 pizza rolls, will I die in my sleep?” This very important PSA for pizza lovers: When one letter changes the issue from dental to deadly: This very intriguing thought: When you try to lift a colander with your member: View Entire List › Source

  • 10 Parts Of Your Life That Coconut Oil Can Fix

    What CAN’T it fix?! Your skin Honestly, why are you even using water? Fill your bathtub with coconut oil and bathe yourself in that instead. Your skin will be so grateful. Michael Hinson for BuzzFeed Your BFF problems The best way to make up with your bestie after a fight? Give her some coconut oil […]