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  • An Injured Delivery Boy Is Given Help From A Couple Of Kind Police Officers. Aw!

    “To protect and serve in 30 minutes or less” should become the Portland Police Bureau’s official motto from now on. Two Portland police officers proved they’re more than willing to serve the citizens of their city…and in almost any situation. When the officers discovered that a Pizza Hut driver was injured in a car crash, they took […]

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    The Reason This Police Officer Broke Down Into Tears During A Protest Broke Me Down Into Tears, Too.

    Human beings have a habit of being violent. We have spent countless decades fighting each other and ourselves. This photo, however, could convince anyone to live a peaceful life. A strong police officer was reduced to tears because of the violence and abuse he witnessed. It’s time to stop the violence. When the president of the […]

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  • Hey, What’s That Guy Doing In The Middle Of The Stre– OMG! Get Me Out Of Here!

    Christmas island is a small, mountainous island that’s located off of the cost of Australia. For most months out of the year, it is a beautiful paradise, with dense forests and beautiful coastlines. However, once a year, it becomes of a living nightmare, covered in a literal flood of snapping red pincers. (Although, it may […]

  • This Girl Noticed Something Unexpected On Her New Plant. What Happened After That Is AWESOME.

    When reddit user miss_beat‘s boyfriend bought her a plant one day, she never thought that there was something hiding on the plant that would give her an unexpected experience she would never forget. Because located under one of the leaves was a tiny little caterpillar, enjoying a healthy green lunch. Her apartment building sadly doesn’t allow pets, […]

  • You’re Gonna Want To Stay As Far Away From This Place As Possible. Trust Me.

    If you happen to be scared of snakes (like any sane person) then stay as far away from the Canadian province of Manitoba during spring. For you see, the World’s largest gathering of snakes takes place there every year when thousands of snakes gather at the Narcisse Snake Dens. Manitoba’s climate and geology make it […]

  • You Think Kids Grow Up Fast? Dogs Grow Up Even Faster!

    Every parent can tell you that it seems like their children grow up in the blink of an eye, but that seems even more true for pet owners. Some dogs go from tiny pups to fully grown four legged friends so fast, it kind of seems like magic. But luckily they never lose their adorable puppy […]