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  • These 20 Photos Of Inter-Species Love Are The Best Thing You’ll See All Day.

    Traditional family values have been questioned over the last fifty years in the United States, but we could all learn a thing or two about unconditional love from these animals. Unusual inter-species adoptions have been happening for years. Although most of these occurred in captivity, they prove just one thing: love is blind. Rex, the […]

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    This Really Shouldn’t Shock Me. But What This Police Officer Did Is So Unexpected.

    New York City cops routinely have to deal with dangerous and potentially life-threatening crime. That can harden a lot of people’s hearts. But one cop, officer Carlos Ramos, didn’t let his stressful job destroy his heart. When he came across a homeless man freezing on the city’s streets while looking for suspicious activity near the […]

  • An Injured Delivery Boy Is Given Help From A Couple Of Kind Police Officers. Aw!

    “To protect and serve in 30 minutes or less” should become the Portland Police Bureau’s official motto from now on. Two Portland police officers proved they’re more than willing to serve the citizens of their city…and in almost any situation. When the officers discovered that a Pizza Hut driver was injured in a car crash, they took […]

  • Hey, What’s That Guy Doing In The Middle Of The Stre– OMG! Get Me Out Of Here!

    Christmas island is a small, mountainous island that’s located off of the cost of Australia. For most months out of the year, it is a beautiful paradise, with dense forests and beautiful coastlines. However, once a year, it becomes of a living nightmare, covered in a literal flood of snapping red pincers. (Although, it may […]

  • This Girl Noticed Something Unexpected On Her New Plant. What Happened After That Is AWESOME.

    When reddit user miss_beat‘s boyfriend bought her a plant one day, she never thought that there was something hiding on the plant that would give her an unexpected experience she would never forget. Because located under one of the leaves was a tiny little caterpillar, enjoying a healthy green lunch. Her apartment building sadly doesn’t allow pets, […]