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    11 Animals Who Were Not Blessed With Aging Gracefully. Yikes.

    Everyone starts out as an adorable baby. Everyone. But then puberty happens and you’re left with whatever the aftermath gives you to work with for the rest of your life. These poor animals aren’t so lucky when it comes to aging gracefully. If you thought spotting one little wrinkle or grey hair was bad, just […]

  • As If Rats Weren’t Feared Enough, This Will Fuel Your Nightmares For Years To Come. OMG.

    Um, more than that… ” Um, more than that…” Because infestation and the spread of disease weren’t enough, here’s another rat-related thing to worry about: rat kings. No, it’s not the collapse of another rodent democracy that’s cause for distress, but something so terrifying that it makes the sight of a rat feasting on garbage […]