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  • The City Of San Francisco Used The Strangest Method To Build Neighborhoods.

    San Francisco dealt with huge issues during the 1970s. Poverty, urban development, and outdated zoning were but a small fraction of problems facing a city bursting at the seams. To ease the problem in November 1974, Dave Glass oversaw the monumental task of moving twelve Victorian houses one mile down the road. This was done to allow […]

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    If These Translations Were Any Worse…Wait, They Can’t Get Any Worse.

    Translating one language to another is not an easy task, especially when that language is English. With its rules and exceptions to said rules, English is not an easy language to write in. That said, there’s still no excuse for translation fails as bad as the ones below. Did these people simply look at the […]

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  • Amazing Places On Earth…You Can’t Or Wouldn’t Want To Visit.

    Planning a vacation isn’t easy. Despite what you may have heard from some singing animatronics on your last trip with the family, it’s really not that much of a small world after all. Before you decide where you want to go, perhaps it’s best to figure out where you definitely do not want to go or […]

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    This Man Set A World Record For Doing Something Alarmingly Awful. Ew.

    When is the last time you did planks at the gym? How long did you hold it for? For those not familiar, planks are an exercise in working your core muscles. You start in the push-up position on your arms and hold it for 30 seconds to a minute. Well, I guarantee you that Mao […]

  • You’ll Be Sick When You See How The Media Twists The Truth Of Our Lives.

    As networks and publications try and fill the 24-hour news cycle, it’s hard to tell truth from fiction someone created to have something to talk about for the next half hour to half year. Unfortunately for us, the viewers and readers, that is the media telling untruths in its most harmless form. As you’ll see […]

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    North Korea’s Leader Built A World Class Ski Resort, But There’s a Problem.

    You can turn anything into a joke if make North Korea the punchline. The extreme country is hard to understand and full of frightening rules. It’s being behind the times in pretty much everything. Not only that, but its citizens are repressed, starved and abused. In a new show of the country’s ineptitude, photos were […]

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    How Much Would You Shell Out For A House Like This? Pun Completely Intended.

    This traditional Chinese house on the secluded Lingshan Island (off the eastern coast of China) recently had an interesting makeover. Owner Xiao Yongsheng initially wanted to renovate it using modern designers and architects. However, Yongsheng was put off by the high cost of the construction due to the location. What he did instead is pretty […]

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    What This Family Found Living In Their Spare Bedroom Will Give You Nightmares.

    A son visiting his mother this past summer received the shock of a lifetime. When he went into an unused guest bedroom, he found a giant, 3-foot wasp nest on the bed. The mother was not in the room for several months, and whoever was last in the room left the window open. That apparently made an inviting target […]

  • Gandhi Wrote a Letter to Hitler, Begging for Peace

    Did you know that Gandhi wrote a letter to Hitler, begging the aggressive dictator for peace before he destroyed the world? Not many people do. Years before the worst moments of WWII occurred, Gandhi reached out to Hitler, begging for peace, in the correspondence you see below: Imagine what lives could have been saved… *Editor’s […]