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  • North Korea’s Leader Built A World Class Ski Resort, But There’s a Problem.

    You can turn anything into a joke if make North Korea the punchline. The extreme country is hard to understand and full of frightening rules. It’s being behind the times in pretty much everything. Not only that, but its citizens are repressed, starved and abused. In a new show of the country’s ineptitude, photos were […]

  • How Much Would You Shell Out For A House Like This? Pun Completely Intended.

    This traditional Chinese house on the secluded Lingshan Island (off the eastern coast of China) recently had an interesting makeover. Owner Xiao Yongsheng initially wanted to renovate it using modern designers and architects. However, Yongsheng was put off by the high cost of the construction due to the location. What he did instead is pretty […]

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  • Gandhi Wrote a Letter to Hitler, Begging for Peace

    Did you know that Gandhi wrote a letter to Hitler, begging the aggressive dictator for peace before he destroyed the world? Not many people do. Years before the worst moments of WWII occurred, Gandhi reached out to Hitler, begging for peace, in the correspondence you see below: Imagine what lives could have been saved… *Editor’s […]

  • Couple Attack Grandma Who Refused To Give Ride Home For Sex

      MIAMI (AP) – Police say a man and woman were arrested for beating up the man’s grandmother after she refused to drive them to a house so they could have sex. The Miami Herald reports that 25-year-old Michael Rubio and 27-year-old Jacquelyn Carrasquillo were arrested Thursday. A police affidavit says Rubio’s grandmother got into […]

  • A New Trend In Japan Is Taking Planning Ahead To A Whole New Level.

    While the rest of us are planning for the near future–things like vacations, finances, what to eat for lunch–some people in Japan are pushing the planning envelope and planning for the last event of their earthly lives: their funeral.  These are not people facing imminent demise, either. Many are young and healthy, but just want […]

  • The Creepiest Places You Can Visit in Europe (But Should Probably Avoid).

    If you’re looking for something spooky to do in Europe this Halloween, there are many eerie sights to see…if you dare. While there are no grand tours for the scariest sights across the continent, you can easily plan a trip for yourself. These are some of the best places to visit if you’re looking to shake in […]

  • These Old American Flags Will Make You Wish We Never Picked Up Wisconsin.

    When you think about it, this great nation is still very young. While China boasts thousands of years of existence, the United States is still only 238 years old. To put things in perspective, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for almost 13% of this country’s existence. The 50 star American flag as we […]