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  • The Running Man Challenge Is the Latest Addictive Internet Trend

    Just as the hype over “Damn, Daniel” begins to wear off, the internet has created a new, obsessive trend. It’s called The Running Man Challenge, and is similar to other viral dance trends like the Harlem Shake. Started by two University of Maryland basketball players, Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens, the challenge is simple: do […]

  • Never-Before-Seen Images Reveal How The Fukushima Exclusion Zone Was Swallowed By Nature

    Polish photographer Some of the cars have entirely disappeared in the wild grass Podniesinski shows a radiation reading of 6.7 uSv/h A chained-up motorcycle is slowly absorbed into the field These contaminated televisions were collected and piled up as part of the cleaning efforts Cobwebs hang above the scattered products in this abandoned supermarket Another […]

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  • 20 Easter Fails That’ll Make Your Holiday Seem So Much Better

    Preparing for a holiday is fun, but sometimes, it’s overwhelmingly stressful. Making a meal for your family, decorating the house, and even coloring Easter eggs can be a little much…but don’t worry, some people have it way worse than you do. These Easter fails will make you realize that, hey, no one is perfect (so […]

  • Watch These Dogs Lend Their Owners A Helping Paw As They Shovel Snow

    Shoveling snow sure is a big pain in the butt. Most people would love to avoid shoveling altogether, and some go so far as to pay people to do it for them. That’s why these pups decided to lend their favorite humans a helping paw. Even if their efforts weren’t exactly helpful, the gesture certainly […]

  • These Explorers Found A Makeshift Prison…Complete With An Electric Chair

    Urban exploration isn’t a hobby without risks. Those who choose to explore the unknown can expect to encounter a variety of strange situations. Very rarely, however, do they come across homemade electric chairs in the abandoned places they explore. In the middle of the desert, urban explorer Adamthewoo came across what looked like your average […]

  • This Police Officer Was Working His Shift When He Got An Adorable Surprise

    Every day, police officers put their lives on the line to protect and serve their communities. Their days are long, but that’s what makes this noble profession so worthwhile. They spend countless hours defending people when they can’t defend themselves. During this police officer’s shift, he got an awesome surprise from someone who he loves […]

  • She Gets Insanely Excited When This Car Pulls Up, And Here’s Why

    We all used to get excited about the little things when we were kids. It seemed like almost anything our parents said in excited voices could send us into a tizzy. And if you remember anything about being a kid, you remember how pumped you were when Mom and Dad came home. This adorable little […]