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  • I Thought I Had Seen Amazing Photos Before… Then I Saw These. Wow.

    These 22 photos are mind-blowing, inspiring, and absolutely beautiful.  I could write a whole bunch of nonsense about them, but just look. They speak for themselves. 1. A sea horse inspecting a diver’s watch. 2. An illuminated snow tunnel in Russia. 3. An incredibly organized group of martial artists. 4. An awesome display of street […]

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    Strange Facts And Misconceptions About Planet Earth That We Keep Getting Wrong.

    You probably think you know the place you’ve lived in for your entire life. Eventually, though, you’ll realize there are just so many things about the world around you that you do NOT know. Considering that humans have only been on Earth for a blip of its long history, it’s no wonder that we don’t know everything there […]

  • I Had No Idea This Winter Phenomenon Even Happened. And Now I Can’t Stop Looking At It… Wow.

    If you were walking through a field during the winter and happened upon a beautiful clearing, full of dazzlingly white blooms, you would probably think they were late-blooming flowers. Upon closer inspection, though, you’ll realize that maybe they aren’t flowers at all… Although this field seems to be filled with beautiful white blossoms, it’s not. […]

  • Here Are 35 Things You Probably Believe… But Are Total Lies. Everything You Thought Is Wrong.

    While growing up, family, friends and teachers probably told you tidbits about the world that you accepted as the gospel truth. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it is completely normal. But, it seems there are a great many widely accepted “facts” that are actually completely untrue. These misconceptions are fairly widespread, so you […]

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    You Need To See How This Teen Documented His Battle With Cancer. So Moving.

    In 2013, Michael Tatalovich was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Using his Instagram account, he shared his experience battling cancer with the world. At first, he only took the pictures to keep his friends and family up to date on his condition. Shortly after that, he realized that his decision to document […]

  • Your Mom Was Right! These Old Wives Tales Are Actually True.

    Over the years, you probably have ignored some sound advice that your mother gave you. (We all do it.) But, as it turns out, some of those old wives tales she mentioned? Yeah, they’re totally true. Your mom is filled with sage wisdom… and you didn’t even know it. These common words of advice seem […]