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  • 28 Inventions That Make The World A Much Better Place

    People are constantly trying to make life easier. After all, new inventions are often what push society forward, am I right? But some of these amazing inventions and designs have flown under the radar. Whether they appeal to niche markets or the press just hasn’t given them the praise that they deserve, not many people […]

  • Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset Will Cost $399

    Sony When Sony makes its first foray into virtual reality this fall, it will do so with one of the least expensive VR headsets we’ve seen from a major player yet. The PlayStation VR will cost just $399 when it goes on sale this October, Sony said Tuesday. While that makes PlayStation VR’s price significantly […]

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  • Apple Says Government Is Using Law As An “All-Powerful Magic Wand”

    Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty Images Apple’s attorneys remained confident in their challenge against the U.S. government Tuesday, rejecting the demands of the FBI that the company help break into an encrypted device used by one of the shooters behind the San Bernardino terrorist attack last year. In its latest filing, Apple urged judge […]

  • Why It’s A Good Thing That A Machine Just Beat A Human At Go

    Lee Sedol shakes hands with Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind, after finishing the final match in Seoul. Jeon Heon-Kyun / Getty Images For a moment, it seemed like the machine might lose, again. Early into its fifth game of Go with top South Korean player Lee Sedol, and two days after chalking up a loss, […]

  • Apple Spars With DOJ Over China Allegations In iPhone Battle

    Device requests for the first half of 2015. Apple Apple’s lawyers rejected the government’s claim Thursday that the company provides “special accommodations” to China. In its latest filing in the San Bernardino, California, iPhone case, Apple insisted that it follows the same security protocols in every country, and challenged the Justice Department’s “misleading statistics,” which […]

  • Behind The Scenes Of Instagram’s Last Five Product Releases Instagram’s recent pace of change has sped up like a teenager’s heartbeat at a Taylor Swift show. Over the past few months, the company has revamped direct messages, introduced portrait and landscape formats, built a self-serve advertising interface, started curating video from live events, and spawned a new video app: Boomerang. On a recent […]

  • These Companies Are Eliminating Their Gender Pay Gaps

    SpaceX COO Gwynne Shotwell, the highest paid woman at the company. Michael Kovac / Getty Images Elon Musk, CEO of aerospace tech company SpaceX, committed last month to eliminate the gender pay gap at the company, which has 4,000 employees. “I was asked today if we’ll audit pay,” Musk said at an event about pay […]

  • Why Twitter Deleted Those Tweets

    On Wednesday of last week, the Wall Street Journal published a story detailing yet another episode of Twitter removing tweets from its platform following “complaints.” This time, the complainant was the American Petroleum Institute, which reached out to Twitter when people posted data from a report for which its subscribers pay $160 per month. If […]

  • Twitter In Discussions With Top Vine Creators About Payment

    Vine is popular because it became a home for a brand new form of entertainment: six second looping videos perfect for bite-sized appetites on mobile. But while Vine is a home for all that content, it doesn’t actually create it. And while its biggest stars have gained millions of followers, they have often had to […]

  • Apple Blasts Latest DOJ Filing As “Cheap Shot” And “Smear Campaign”

    HBO In an unusually blistering on-the record statement, Apple’s general counsel described the government’s latest court filing in the San Bernardino iPhone case as a “cheap shot,” part of a smear campaign, “an unsupported, unsubstantiated effort to vilify Apple.” Bruce Sewell, who recently testified in front of Congress to defend Apple’s position, told reporters Thursday […]