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  • 21 Adorable Animals That Just Wanted To Drop In And Say Hello

    When you’re having a bad day, even the smallest thing can help make it brighter. Something as simple as a smile or a wave from a stranger reminds you that there are other people out there going through some of the same stuff you are, and that it’ll be alright! These adorable animals are here […]

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  • Girlfriend’s Love Notes Go Viral After Boyfriend’s Cousin Posts Them Online

    While visiting younger cousin, redditor ‘General-ColinBile‘ saw the cutest love notes ever. “Visited my younger cousin and noticed how his girlfriend shows love,” he wrote.”They were posted on his bathroom mirror. I took them down for better picture taking,” – General-ColinBile explained. The cute love notes were filled with clever puns and cute illustrations. #1 […]

  • Praying Mantis Thumb War

    This video posted at the end of 2010 has just started surging in Poland. A Devil’s Flower Mantis plays a games of thumb war with a real thumb. Who shall win this epic battle?   Read more:

  • Miniature Scenes Inside Jewelry By Isabell Kiefhaber

    Look around you. The world is full of stories. Everybody has one. Even on their fingers. You just have to look really closely to see them. See for yourself in the pictures below. The rings are made by German artist Isabell Kiefhaber and they’re available to buy on  These rings are available to buy on […]

  • These Kids With Cancer Painted A Spacesuit — And Got To See It In Action!

    googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Millions of children dream of going to space. It’s just one of those things that we fantasize about: the ability to touch the stars and explore the galaxy. The reality is most people never become astronauts. But a group of young cancer patients at MD Anderson hospitals got to see their […]

  • SC clears rapist of murder, saves him from gallows – Times of India

    NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court commuted the death sentence of the convict in the 2011 rape and killing of a 23-year-old woman in Kerala after acquitting him of murder charge on Wednesday . Read more:

  • 10+ Weird Dentist Stories That Will Make Your Visits To The Dentist Even Scarier

    Jimmy Fallon is at it again with his hilarious hashtag game. This time he’s asking people to share their weirdest, funniest, or most embarrassing stories about their dentist by using the hashtag #MyWeirdDentist. Check out some of the best below. From dentists who sing “comfortably numb” while administering shots of Novocaine, to dentists who remind […]