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    Justin Bieber’s Graduation On Ellen Show

    At this point in time, people either love or hate world pop star Justin Bieber. There’s little room for the undecided.  And Ellen Degeneres is very obviously a Justin Bieber lover, constantly inviting him onto her show, and even giving him a brand new super luxury electric car for his birthday. Now that graduation season […]

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    Boy Dance Party SNL Skit With Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis was the guest host on NBC‘s Saturday Night Live this weekend, and brought the house down in this Boy Dance Party digital short.  When the girls are away while the guys watch the game, they have no idea that the men are really enjoying a boy-exclusive dance party!   Read more:

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    Her Puppies Were Stolen And She Lived In The Trash, But She Never Gave Up On Life

    Every year, approximately 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters across the United States. Whether they’re left out in the cold or surrendered by humans who can’t take care of them, the fact remains that almost four million innocent dogs end up in shelters, and thousands more still need saving. And these poor pups were of […]

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    Boy Sings Just Another Day

    The scene almost doesn’t seem real. Some kid starts singing in a guitar music shop in New York City while a man strummed the guitar. The owner hears the boy sing the opening to Just Another Day and stops the whole performance. You can see in his face he’s blown away, and even say, ‘I can’t […]

  • Sensex -July 13, 2016

    Market benchmark BSE Sensex advanced about 121 points to 27,928.76 in early trade on the back of positive macroeconomic data. Besides, a firming trend in other Asian markets, tracking another recor Read more:

  • Man Compares $50 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand With $42,000 Medical Prosthesis

    As everyone who has a family member or friend missing a limb knows, a prosthesis can be quite expensive. Jose Delgado was born without most of his left hand. As a result, he’s had to use expensive prosthetic hands for his whole life. But now, we are on the cusp of a revolution thanks to new cheap 3D […]

  • BBC Reporter Fades Out In The Best Way Possible

    Camera work on the news is so boring. The fade outs, the sign offs. They’re all the same.  The BBC accidentally shook things up when Caroline Bilton signed off in the funniest way possible. The camera was softly knocked up which made it appear as if she was sinking down just as she was finishing her report.  […]

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    He Was One Of Three Children, But What Mom Did To Him Will Scar Him For Life

    A Utah mother has been charged with felony child abuse after it was discovered that she had been locking her 12-year-old son in her bathroom for over a year. The boy’s condition was discovered after his father came to visit and found him locked in the bathroom. The preteen weighed just 30 pounds and was […]

  • This Guy Found The Remains Of A Bizarre Creature On His Property In Arizona

    When you live out in the country, you’re bound to have something weird happen on your property. For one man out in Arizona, that happened in January of this year. According to the YouTubers behind VeniceBeachFreakshow, an unnamed man found what appears to be the body of an alien creature on his property. He was […]