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  • Commercial Actors Mingle Commercial

    Comedian and YouTube personality Jon Lajoie has been in his fair share of commercials. But what most viewers are unaware of is that Jon has a hard time finding love due to his job and life style. Thankfully, there is now Commercial Actors Mingle, a dating site for commercial actors to get together. See what he did […]

  • Meet Yana, The Two-Faced Kitty Whose Parents Ran Out Of Ink

    Being two-faced is generally considered to be a bad thing. Unless you’re Yana the cat that is. Because as you can see, this adorable chimeric feline has the most beautiful unique markings. She looks like her parents ran out of ink while they were coloring her in! Show Full Text The cat was posted in […]

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  • Chinese Lake Three Times The Size Of Los Angeles Dries Up In Just Weeks

    China’s Poyang Lake is — or rather, was — the largest freshwater lake in the country. A drought began in September, and the lake has since dried up and become grassland that can be traveled across on foot. Once three times the size of Los Angeles, it’s now almost completely dry. Poyang Lake is connected […]

  • Crazy Lady Wreaks Havoc On Streets Of Manhattan

    *Language warning! When you realize how many people are actually on the island of Manhattan, it’s surprising that scenes like this don’t take place all the time. Emgermsy caught a young woman on camera who was obviously off her rocker wreaking havoc in the streets, blocking taxis, hitting and kicking cars, and even throwing a wheel chair […]

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    I Draw Famous Cities From My Memory

    The city fascinates me, no it totally absorbes me, actually it excites me to such degree that I feel like spending hours, days, weeks and sometimes months recreating in fine detail my impressions of all great cities I’ve visited. Mainly from memory, I reconstruct whole cities in pen and ink and not a single little […]

  • Why So Serious? Guy Uses FaceApp To Cheer Up Old Museum Sculptures And Paintings

    Have you ever wondered why the subjects featured in classical art never seem to smile? One explanation is that before the modern era, getting your portrait done was a very rare occurrence that may only happen once in a person’s lifetime, so it was taken very seriously. Getting your likeness painted or sculpted was also […]

  • One Woman Makes The Understatement Of The Century While Driving Through Hellfire

    When the apocalypse finally comes, it will probably look like this. This footage comes to us from Ventura, California. A huge brush fire spread across 1,250 acres of land, and over 600 firefighters worked tirelessly to contain it. Probably the most shocking footage from the disaster is this video that one family took while driving […]

  • I Insert Simpsons Characters Into Real Life Situations Using My Iphone

    Like many people, I always imagine weird things when I walk in the street, when I work or when I’m home. But I never found a good way to tell what goes through my head… #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 Read more:

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    Tree Falls On House

    So it’s no surprise to us viewers when this tall tree goes in the oppositedirection it is being pulled and falls directly where it shouldn’t–right on the house next to it. This video from 2012 is only trending now with over half a million new views!   Read more:

  • He’s Called The Weepy-Voiced Killer For Good Reason. It’s So Creepy Hearing Him!

    Serial killers like John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer reported feeling a sense of euphoria after committing murder, but Paul Michael Stephani had a totally different reaction. Between 1980 and ’82, Stephani killed three women in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. After each crime, he made an anonymous phone call to the police, hysterically crying and […]