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  • How 1 record company managed to get rid of a million unsold CDs.

    Let’s say you were a musician. You work hard for a year writing and producing (and singing, of course) a new album, and, when you finally release it, buyers rush to the store with their money in hand. Over 50,000 copies sell on the day of the release, which is doubly impressive because you launched […]

  • A brief history of color photography reveals an obvious but unsettling reality about human bias.

    In the 1970s, Kodak got called out by some furniture companies because their film wasn’t working right. Light-grained or dark-grained wood tones, in photographs developed from Kodak film, all looked basically the same, which sucked when it came to advertising. “WTF? This is not what it looked like in the catalog!” All images via Vox/YouTube. […]

  • This Guy Probably Has The Most Twisted Sense Of Humor On Twitter

    Anybody familiar with Jeff Wysaski will know that his humor is pretty off-the-wall. Whether he’s leaving fake self-help books on the shelves of bookstores, planting fake coupons in grocery stores, leaving fake animal facts in zoos or putting fake in-store reviews in IKEA, the comedian, who also goes by the name of obviousplant, loves nothing […]