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  • Amazing Ball Boy Catch At Australian Open 2012

    While Federer and Nadal were sparring at the Australian Open, a ball boy took some of the spotlight when he performed an amazing one handed catch unexpectedly. Read more on Guyism.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/01/26/amazing-ball-boy-catch-at-australian-open-2012/

  • Ultimate Viral Video Compilation For May 2012

    Even with an amazing viral video blog, it’s hard to keep up on all the hot videos that are being passed around the ‘net. Thankfully, Tohom Fr is on the case. The French viral video master has compiled the best 99 viral videos from May, many of which have been featured here on ViralViral.   Read more: […]

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  • Fail Compilation June 2012

    The Internet’s most famous fail compiler TwisterNederlandTNL is back with another slap-tastic video. All of the best fail for June can be found right here.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/06/27/fail-compilation-june-2012/

  • Detroit Firefighter Helmet Cam 2012 Compilation

    Highland Park, Michigan firefighter HPZ1442 has an especially tough job. Not only is Detroit is a state of emergency politically and financially, but now, arson has become a new favorite hobby for the lowlifes. But that doesn’t matter. He still fights the good fight. He often wears a helmet cam, and now has made this 2012 compilation […]