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  • This Is What Happens When You Don’t Hire A Wedding Photographer

    No matter what your wedding budget is, some expenses are vital. Especially, a professional wedding photographer. Eirik Halvorsen is one of them and he found a brilliant way to prove why specialists like him are essential to every ceremony. “I recently came across a thread in a wedding group on Facebook where a bride-to-be said […]

  • 25+ Funny Animal Comics Show Their Human-Like Problems

    The “Poorly Drawn Lines” webcomic, run by artist Reza Farazmand, is one of the funniest comics on the web. The understated, sarcastic humor and simple visual style make for a brilliant combination. Farazmand has released his first book today, which is available on Amazon, so be sure to pick it up! Some of our favorite […]

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  • Famous Songs Hilariously Explained With Simple Comics (NSFW)

    There is no doubt that every song has its hidden meaning and every person might understand that meaning differently. But have you ever tried to interpret the message of the song the other way than it is meant? Well, one guy from Iceland did that and created incredibly comical pictures. Show Full Text Artist and […]

  • 10+ Funny Tweets That Will Make Feminists Laugh

    Despite it being the 21st century, there’s still a lot of gender inequality in the world. But a good thing about the 21st century is that at least we can expose it on Twitter. Take a look at this list of funny feminist tweets compiled by Bored Panda to see what we mean. They’ll make […]

  • Artist Uses Real Leaves & Flowers To Create Botanical Tattoos

    Click to unmute Source: Youtube Instead of trying to recreate nature’s shapes by hand, Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina decided to use real leafs and flowers. She calls herself a ‘nature lover’ and her work is a form of connecting with Mother Earth. Rita dips various leaves and flowers into ink and places […]

  • Is This The Cutest Cat Species Ever?

    Stop everything you’re doing because we just found the world’s cutest cat species! Meet caracals, or to be more specific, baby caracals! These beautiful creatures have been religiously significant to the ancient Egyptians. They appear in their paintings, bronze figurines, whereas their sculptures were believed to guard the tombs of pharaohs. Show Full Text Caracals live in […]

  • Woman Complains About A Worm In Her Lettuce, Supermarket Responds Brilliantly

    If most people found a worm in a salad they’d bought from the supermarket, they’d probably just not eat the salad and maybe ask for a refund. But Leila Jayne Daly isn’t most people. Which is why the mom from Portishead, Somerset, decided to write an epic complaint to Sainsbury’s after discovering the slimy stowaway […]

  • CEO Falls Asleep At Work And His Employees Take Him On Photoshop Adventures

    Falling asleep at work is never good It doesnt matter if you had a long night sipping beers with your buddies or if you spent the whole night binge-watching Netflix, its just not OK Unfortunately (honestly, not really), Zeev Farbman, the CEO of the photo sharing app Lightricks, had to learn that the hard way… […]