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  • How Finnish People Have Fun

    Click to unmute Source: YouTube Winter limits the amount of outdoor activities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create new ones. Finnish writer and energy expert Janne Käpylehto created an entertaining ice carousel in Lohja, Finland and it went viral on the internet. Janne cut a circle on a frozen lake with a chainsaw and […]

  • 20+ Hilarious Tumblr Feminists That Will Make Even The ‘Manliest’ Men Laugh

    Whatever your views are, it’s hard not to admire feminists when they are making statements in such a badass manner. Bored Panda has scrolled through the depths of tumblr, collecting the funniest arguments that advocates of women’s rights have laid out while remaining completely on-point. Some are savagely destroying articles in the media, some are […]

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  • This New University Building Looks Like A Giant Toilet

    In February of this year, the Chinese government called for a ban on the construction of “weird buildings”. The decision came after people complained that the new design for Beijing airport looked like a giant vulva and that the People’s Daily Headquarters looked like a huge penis. But for reasons unknown, structures resembling huge toilets […]

  • 20+ Dirty Adult Jokes Hidden In Cartoons That You Totally Missed As A Kid

    As a kid, did you ever wonder why your parents would laugh so hard at the cartoons you were watching sometimes? Well, we might have found the answer. It turns out that those Disney movies, Nickelodeon shows, and Cartoon Network specials we would watch way back when were actually loaded with subtle, well-hidden dirty jokes […]

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    25 Cute And Funny Print Ads Starring Animals

    We know that you, our readers, love animals (especially pandas), but so do these advertisers – these companies and organizations have mastered the use of animals in their ads as a way to get people’s attention. To be fair, it’s fairly difficult to think of an advertisement for a pet product or service that wouldn’t […]

  • We Made A List Of The Most Interesting Celebrity Autographs, And Angelina Jolie’s Confused Us The Most

    John Hancock, former president of United States Congress, has arguably one of the most famous signatures around. As the first signer of the Declaration of Independence, he led the charge for what was considered treason against the king. Popular history writes that he wrote his name in such large letters so that, “The fat old king […]

  • Mom Sends 13-Year-Old Daughter To Buy Feminine Hygiene Products, And Result Is Hilarious

    There comes a point in every girl’s life when…well…certain things start to happen to their body. Like, you know, the whole period thing. But while adjusting to this change can be a little difficult, it isn’t half as difficult as finding the required “feminine hygiene products” in the supermarket. Why? Because (whisper it) vaginas are […]