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  • Finally, Adjustable Ear Plugs That Let You Mute Outside Noise

    The world around us is full of distracting, irritating noise. Whether it’s a rock concert, a screaming baby on a plane, or just the general racket of a big city, sometimes we just want to tune it all out. Knops, a set of game-changing new ear plugs, will let you do exactly that. Knops are […]

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  • 20+ Funniest Reactions To The Winter Olympics

    Why are those guys sitting on each other on that tiny sled? What the hell are they doing with those brooms? And why does that skier have an assault rifle? All valid questions for Winter Olympics novices. Personally, I look forward to an event when, once every four years, I get tremendously excited about sports […]

  • 10+ Hilariously Relatable Tweets About Thanksgiving

    Are you ready to stuff yourself more than that turkey on the table and tackle every inappropriate topicwith your family? Well, it’s not like you have much choice over it… But before you get all annoyed, take a look at the funny side of it, illustrated perfectly by these hilarious Tweets. Bored Panda has compiled […]

  • 10+ Of The Happiest Animal Memes To Start The Week With A Smile

    Having a mother of a day? Tired of the state of the world? Looking for something to cheer you up? Then look no further than this seriously wholesome list of animal memes. Compiled by Bored Panda, the pictures below are guaranteed to turn your frown upside down. From smiling frogs and burrito-loving dogs, to friendly […]

  • Woman Continues To Hilariously Recreate Celebrity Instagram Pics, And The Result Is Better Than The Original

    If you aren’t new to Bored Panda, you probably remember Celeste Barber – an Insta-famous comedian from Australia who gained her enormous following by hilariously recreating celebrity photos. We already wrote about her a few times (here, here, here and here) but Celeste is a gift that keeps on giving and it’s time for more entertaining […]

  • The 10+ Most Hilarious Parenting Tweets Of The Year So Far

    Mixing parents and Twitter is a dangerously hilarious combination that we have already established previously. We showed you the most hilarious mom tweets, dad tweets, we even showed you the best celebrity parent tweets. This time, we’ve got something just as good in store for you. We here at Bored Panda went through the parenting […]