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  • Bank Of America Doesn’t Allow Customers To Close Accounts

    With the #OccupyWallStreet protests continuing to grow in numbers and locations, more and more people are getting sick of the big banks. This video from August that just went viral now shows an even earlier protest against Bank of America. A group of Bank of America customers all came together in St. Louis to close […]

  • Older Brother Visiting From Army Surprises Disabled Younger Brother

    Joshua is disabled and really relies on his relationship with his siblings. When his older brother, John ‘Bubba’, was deployed, it was really hard on him. John came home to visit his family without Josh knowing, and then surprised him. Joshua’s reaction is just heartwarming.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/07/26/older-brother-visiting-from-army-surprises-disabled-younger-brother/

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  • The Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Conspiracy Documentary

    NSFW Warning – Offensive content The memory of the mass shooting that occurred at the Sandy Hook school in New Town, Connecticut is still raw in most Americans‘ hearts and minds. Initially, there was so much chaos and misinformation in the news media those first few days, no one was really sure what exactly happened. Now that the official story has […]

  • The Day The LOLcats Died – SOPA/PIPA Parody

    Today, enormous websites like Wikipedia and Reddit are voluntarily down to help spread the word about Internet censorship bills SOPA/PIPA, and how the two new laws would destroy the Internet as we know it. Even Google’s homepage doodle is taking a stand against the legislation. Take a stand, contact your representatives and tell them SOPA/PIPA are bad for the Internet […]

  • American Woman’s Sarcastic Apology To Afghanistan

    Last week, American troops burned a bunch of Korans in Afghanistan, claiming there were secret codes in them being used by the enemy. After news of the burning broke out, the people of Afghanistan started to riot, prompting US military officials, and even President Obama to apologize for America’s actions. But many Americans, including this […]

  • Romney Girl Spoofs Obama Girl

    Everyone online remembers Obama Girl in 2008 who helped push the Chicago senator even further into the spotlight and, eventually, into the White House.  But, it’s been a long four years, and all the glitz, glamor, and excitement surrounding the first black president has seriously calmed.  So now, instead of Obama Girl (or Obama Boy) chanting the […]

  • Soldier Surprise Proposal At Royals Game

    On Memorial Day, Eddie, who’s been away at war, knew his girlfriend was going to be at the Kansas City Royals baseball game. He planned a surprise proposal, and executed it successfully. She of course said yes, and the crowd loved it. Congrats!     The video sound is blurry, so click here for a […]