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  • This Guy Found A Normal Tree Stump In His Yard. What He Did With It Blew Me Away.

    When one family was clearing out their property of dead trees, they came across a stump that look perfect for a wood carving. Their son was excited to share the project online. They hired Steve Kenzora, who was an accomplished wood carver and has talent you just won’t believe. Their only request? “No men! All these sculptures are always […]

  • ‘Forward’ Short Film – Man Walking Backwards Through Downtown In Reverse

    Israeli artist Messe Kopp just published this new art video, titled Forward, and already it has begun to spread across the web. He creates an interesting perspective by walking backwards through downtown Jerusalem wearing a bizarre outfit while performing weird and interesting tasks as he strolls.  For the artsy twist, he reversed the video of his walk so it looks […]

  • Video Game Alphabet

    Artist, animator, and avid gamer Evan Seitz pooled his hobbies together to create this video game obsessed animation which has started to trend on Vimeo.  The animation goes through the ABC’s of video games in a beautiful collage of popular gaming icons and characters. Did your favorite game make the list? How many can you recognize?    […]

  • ‘Boyhood’ Movie Was Filmed Over 12 Years

    The new fictional film Boyhood from Universal Pictures UK has made history for recording the film over 12 long years with the same group of actors. Viewers are treated to a special movie about childhood and growing up, and actually get to watch as the child actors age over time. The trailer has gone viral with over 1.5 […]

  • ‘Problem’ By Ariana Grande Sang In 20 Different Styles

    Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs has made a name for himself online with his unique pop music covers. Instead of just covering a pop song, he reinterprets the song in a slew of different famous voices and music styles. This time, he covers Ariana Grande hit single Problem in 20 different styles. His new cover video has instantly […]

  • Syrian Rebels Shoot Down Dumbo By Banksy

    With the Federal government shut down, it seems the 24 hour cable news world has forgotten the civil war in Syria that was once headline news. But war continues whether the cameras are rolling or not.  This edited video from an Al Jazeera news report was posted by YouTube channel Banksy NY, and has the […]

  • Man Who Lived On A Bicycle

    For an average bicyclists, there are few more tricks than riding with no hands. But Leguigz isn’t your average biker. He’s a pro who’s been riding his bike for over a year straight through the streets of Montreal. You could say he literally lives on his bike, doing crossword puzzles, ‘sleeping,’ and even washing his dishes, all while riding.  He […]