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  • 20+ Hilariously Inappropriate Kids’ Drawings

    When you go through training to become a teacher, often you’re told to ask your students open ended, as opposed to yes or no, questions about their work. For example, instead of saying, Is that a lion riding a school bus? ask What did you draw? Answer: little junior in a canoe. You get the […]

  • Women & Girls Share Experiences Of Being Shamed, And The Stories Are Heartbreaking

    The Wall Of Shamed is a participatory installation and online platform in which women and girls are invited to share their experiences of being shamed. Body shaming. Fat shaming. Slut shaming. Period shaming. Mother shaming. Food shaming. Gender shaming. Victim shaming. The list goes on… Experiences can also be shared physically on the wall, which […]

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  • I Use Musical Instruments As Canvases For My Painted Creations

    I take a violin or guitar from a sand-papered, worn-out or simply unable to produce sound and I turn it into a canvas for my thoughts and ideas. Starry skies, whales, waves or simply abstract, I use tester emulsion paint pots for the main colour and acrylics and watercolours for the finer details and imagery. […]

  • 10+ Sarcastic Comics That You’ll Need To See Twice To Understand

    Life is funny, and life is cruel, if Moscow-based artist Anton Gudim has anything to say about it. Many of his pieces require a double take to get the gag, and a decent knowledge of Internet memes and viral stories. Don’t know about the #followme guy? Then the devil leading someone into hell won’t be […]

  • This artist is showcasing a new form of graffiti to shed light on deforestation.

    When Philippe Echaroux, a French street artist, heard about how deforestation is affecting the Surui tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, he decided to throw a massive spotlight on it literally. He did this by creating portraits of Surui tribe members, then projecting them in light, using the Amazon as his canvas. He calls this method […]

  • Some Of The Best Art In The World Was Actually Created By Animals.

    I’ve always wanted to be an artist. Something about being creative is just so inspiring. What’s even more inspiring? Animals who are just as determined as I am to be creative.  Some of these animals were so artistic, they were able to create some stunning works of art. (Although, these works of art may be stunning […]